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Mar 21, 2004
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Lacey, WA
I just wanted to post this for the record...

245/40/20s on 20x8.5", 43mm offset, 5x115 wheels fit with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Lock to lock with no rubbing at all. The rear tire looks like it will touch if enough weight is added. The car has auto leveling so it shouldn't be an issue. I had a couple of guys in the back 200+ pounds each without any rubbing, but I only drove a couple of miles. I will probably roll the lips on the rear fenders for insurance.

The car rides great. I can feel more of the little bumps but it is not in any way uncomfortable. I'd compare it to the way a BMW drives. I do make it a point to slow down for any large bumps or roadwork areas now though. My brother rode in the car and never noticed a thing. Acceleration still seems pretty good, even better since it doesn't spin at the slightest tap of the throttle on wet pavement. I feel VERY confident in the wet now (my old tires were worn pretty good).

The speedo is 1.5mph slow at 45mph and about 2.5mph slow at 60. Indicated 70mph is an actual 72.7 via my handheld GPS unit.

And of course, they look incredible - totally transforms the car's personality. I never noticed anyone checking out the car before, now people stare, even wave and strike up conversations.

Here's a teaser:


Too Cool Kale... The Hottest STS I've seen in a while...
Do you have a shot from the rear... I'd love to see how it looks
with those tires under it...

I just purchased the all Chrom 17" DTS Wheel pictured here.

I plan to put 255/50/17's on it... I was going to goto 18" but like
the stock look. So, bought the coolest OEM wheels they have.
Got a decent price too... Under $1K with shipping. I may keep the STS wheels
on until Spring... No need to mess up my wheels through the Jersey Winter!


Caddy 17 inch DTS Wheel.JPG
20" Rims Wanted

Hey Kale,

I just bought a Red STS the everyone is drooling over. I was planning on buying rims for it, but would it change the ride on the car at all? I love the way my Caddi rides, and I want to give it just a bit of flash with rims. Do you know of anyone who is selling great looking rims and tires for under 1500 hundred? I'm from Delaware, and there is not too many rim shops around here. Well, not too many legit rim shops I should say.

Let me know about any other upgrades you made to your STS that you would recommend for mine. I don't have a picture yet, but I plan on posting one.

The catch with buying wheels for the STS is the bolt pattern. It is 5x115mm which is very close to the standard 5x4.5" (5x114.3mm) that many other cars use. You take a chance when you buy wheels off ebay or online that someone is going to sell you a 5x114.3 and tell you it is 5x115. In reality, it may not make a difference, but I don't like taking chances with $2000+ dollars. Neither Discount nor Les Schwab would not sell me a 5x4.5" wheel because of liability issues. There are tons of wheels available in 5x114.3, but very few in 5x115.

So what I ened up doing was going with someone locally who I trusted would take care of me. Ironicly, the first time I was called with the good news that my wheels and tires were ready to be installed, they found out that the wheels were 5x114.3. The correct wheels were ordered, but the supplier screwed up.

I photoshopped lots of wheels onto the car over a period of a several months trying to find out what I liked best. I really wanted to go with the stock 18" STS wheels, but they were a bit expensive and just did not look right. None of the stockers I PSed onto the car gave me the look I was after.

As far as ride, I would say anything over 17" will be noticeable. With a 20" wheel, you will probably need to take into account the road conditions in your area because you don't want to be slamming potholes everyday and bending wheels. If you have ever driven the SLS, I would say that the difference between the way my car drove on 16s and the way it rides now on 20s, is comparable to the difference in the way an SLS drives compared to the STS. If you wanted a "luxurious" ride, the SLS would have been a better option.

I'll post more pics as I take em. :)

Here's something I was editing that looks like it has some potential:


I'll try to get a better source pic to work with and do something cool. :)

Cool Edit on with the two tone... Probably would look really awesome in like a Charcoal Grey going into the black bottom... Post more pics that is the coolest looking STS I've seen.

Tell me how you removed the badging? I'd like to take off the 32 Valve Northstar tag on the left trunk.

P.S. On the wheels.. I bought them from GMPARTS on Ebay. The yare 100% OEM GM Stamped! I too found only a few 5x115 that I really liked. I checked out the 18" STS wheels as well.. Besides wanting a fortune, it just didn't do it for this car. I have seen pictures of the '02 17" DTS wheels that I pictured below. Car looks awesome with them.
Good news on the badging Jamler, they are just stick on emblems so there are no holes to be filled. I had the bodyshop do it when they painted the rear panel. I can find out exactly how he did it without scratching up the paint if you like.

I bought a set of V emblems to put on the car, but I told myself I wouldn't do it until it was Nitrous'd, so they will stay off for a while. It looks a lot cleaner all black with no emblems.

For sh!ts and giggles I scanned the emblem and printed it to magnetic paper, then tried to stick it on the trunk. Little did I know the trunk is not METAL! Well, the piece just below the third brake light is not metal, but the rest of the trunk is...go figure. I just wanted to get a feel for what it would look like so no biggie.

djKale said:
Good news on the badging Jamler, they are just stick on emblems so there are no holes to be filled. I had the bodyshop do it when they painted the rear panel. I can find out exactly how he did it without scratching up the paint if you like. Kale

Very Cool... I'm sure since they're just stick on, the body guys justed used a heat gun to soften the glue... I'm going to have the grey rear panel painted black as well. I've also got pinstripes, which I do not like... Hope the body guys can remove them easily too. I think the car looks awesome w/out badging!!!


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