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    May 21, 2013
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    HI LVC members,

    I have 2 sand rails for sale $2000 for both. Travis cell 951-665-0622 call/text located in 92543 SoCal

    The first rail is a 4 seater built by Chenworth, It will come with over 90% of the parts. What it will need either i can do it or you can if you know someone but the case and heads will need to be bored for the bigger barrels and pistons the case was made to have 90.5mm but i was sold 94mm with the 90.5mm it will be a 2009cc stroker but with the 94mm it will be a 2106cc stroker. so either i can take them back and get the right ones or i can get the case and head done. i have ALOT of new parts for the engine, things that are still needed for the engine is carbs (I have 44 duel webers but need rebuilt), a alt and some better head sutds i dont trust the ones on it. but i have almost everything else.

    the 4 seater has 3x3 with coil overs mastercraft rear bench seat and plastic front. the tabs for the seats will need to be wielded back on. the paddles DO NOT come with

    The next sand rail is a 2 seater rolling frame needs more work. I think someone called it a high jumper (not sure) but i have a 3.8 buick with a vw transmission adapter it was rebuilt by the previous owner 2 seasons ago











    I have more parts but i will not be keeping anything i cant put it all on here but if you have questions please feel free to call or text and i will answer the question you have to the best of my knowledge thanks for looking.

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