1st 10 second stock bottom end Mark VIII


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Jan 11, 2011
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New Brighton, MN
First week of October I headed back to the track for 2017 to try to take back the trophy from Red Dragon after he barely nipped my time in 2016 after catching wind of my 11.31 pass. I'm sure you all remember the long novel he wrote and all the talk about the "thousands upon thousands" of dollars I spent and he came back and beat me for like $49 or whatever the heck it was. I don't keep track because I don't care and I pay the piper for the work done on my car. It's no new concept really....and I can afford it. *shrugs*

After tackling some issues we hooked my meth back up which had a bad relay and the magic happened. The stall was bumped to 5000 and we put 21.75° of timing into it. It loved every bit of it.

My only gripe is the car is now running pig rich with the meth hooked back up so with some further tuning to bring it back to where it needs to be that alone would've made it quicker....but I just had to run what I brung. After dialing the FPR back about 3psi as a quick attempt to pull fuel it did seem to squeak out more. After doing that it ran back to back 11.0s and then finally dipped 10s after we took 10# of clutter out of the back seat.

It recently surfaced that Red Dragon made a 6.92 1/8 mile pass which is faster than my 6.97 on the 10.98 run but I have yet to hear what he ran this year FULL pass. He apparently went out again this year just like last to nip my time again....but still nothing.

So for now here you go. We had rev limiter issues on the street which I didn't realize was actually traction issues so after having my tuner back up the shift points I got to the sticky track and all of a sudden it was short shifting HORRIBLY from the 1-2. So all passes from then on were made manually shifting the car.

Next year the boost is going up, we are pulling fuel and a couple degrees of timing and aiming for an even quicker stock engine time. The engine still sounds amazing! BUT the blower seal is toast and was pissing oil everywhere at the track. Not bad for an old Vortech that has been on the car 11 years! LOL
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That is very impressive.

I’m new here, and my ’02 Continental is my first Ford product, so forgive me for the dumb questions.

Do I understand correctly that your stock 4.6L bottom end has handled a supercharger for 11 years? and that including the pistons, rings, and connecting rods?

Am I correct to assume that the block and bottom end in my sideways mounted 4.6L is the same as that in your MarkVIII?

Rear end gear ratio?

Keep at it - 10.8s next.

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