1998 Town Car vs. Honda Civic Coupe


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Jul 11, 2006
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The Garbage State
I went to get some food with a friend of mine, and after we smoked some cigars in the back of the Lincoln, I went to hang out with another friend at Wawa(NJ Convienence store). On the way there I end up behind a 1996-2000Honda Civic Coupe coming to a light on CR-522 in Englishtown/Manalapan, NJ. We get moving, and the Civic is doing 35 in a 50mph zone. I flash my high beams at the Civic, and the person is still doing 35. I get to a passing zone, and begin to pass him, he accelerates, however him accelerating was as useful as wiping before you poop. I get in front of him, he is tailgating, and flashing his high beams. I laugh, because I have auto dimming mirrors, and ash my cigar. We get to another passing zone, and now he tries to pass me. He begins to accelerate, and so do I, he is unable to pass. He gets behind me again, and we hit another light. Now I am behind a Lincoln LS V8, and when we accelerate, the Civic would not dare pass two Lincolns. I do not mean to drive like this, my car is meant to be a rolling office. The Town Car is quick for a 4000+lb sedan, however it would not go up agianst a Mustang GT or anything else thats faster. However ricers beware, this car will kill you. Its a shame he did not get to my window, I would have thrown my cigar into his window.
Nice kill but you know that could have been dangerous for that civic guy. The TC could take most ricers out there.
I was reading the newest issue of Motor Trend, the issue that has the 2007 car reviews, anyways, in those reviews, they state the car's 0-60 time, and for the Town Car, they said 7.4-7.5 seconds. Which, is really quite good.
Yeah I read that to, the TC is pretty quick for a 4000lb car. Also that night I blew a Eclipse off the road. Two weeks ago I blew the doors off a Toyota Corolla, and I knew the driver, he is still calling the TC an old mans car. My friends and I call his Corolla a tampon on wheels. What man with any self respect for himself would drive a damn Corolla, and think its a nice car. This moron is also 25 and balding, I love putting my hands through my nice and thick Jewish hair in front of him, it pisses him off. If I were balding, I would buy a really nice car to compensate for the hair loss. Lossers will always drive crappy cars, because they dont know any better. I asked him how much he spent on his 04 Corolla, and he said 18K. I almost :q:q:q:q a brick, I paid the same for my 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S, and had more options than that pos.
Wow...I found the most obnoxious thread of the month.

Good job.

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