1996 Lincoln MK VIII

Lincoln Mark VIII

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    Jun 24, 2005
    Battle Creek, MI
    I have been following the threads on MK VIII (1996) and the problem with the Variable Relay Control Module F6LF-14239-BC, my question is will a 31165 Variable Speed Control Module Kit from FLex-A-Lite, electric fan accessories replace the original MK VIII control module that has gone bad? Will it work?:confused: 582boat
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    Oct 24, 2005
    Lutz, FL
    The Variable load control module - VLCM - controls not only the electric cooling fan, but also the electric fuel pump and A/C compressor clutch engagement. I don't see why you can't find one. I purchased one from a salvage yard in oregon, off of www.car-parts.com.

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    Mar 22, 2004
    and I heard a nasty rumor that the vcrm also contains the fuel injector drivers.

    Tiffs car had a "no signal to the injectors" issue.
    had spark, had fuel pressure..but the injectors weren't firing.
    We swaped the cam sensor with no change in the problem
    I had a friend look at it, who called his "ford mechanic buddy".

    The guy came over..pointed at the vcrm and said "it's THAT thing".
    I said the vcrm?
    he said... "that thing"..
    I asked if "that thing" was a technical term and he said "yes, officially it's called THAT THING".

    Since differnet cars/platforms have different combinations of terminology for the VCRM/VCLM/CCRM ect.. most of the guys just refer to them as "that thing".

    We put a new one one...and bam her car fired right up.
    Again, it did have fuel pressure.. just no signals going to the injectors.

    NOW... for the orignal question.
    YES you can bypass the fan function if that is the only problem with the VCRM.

    I dont know if that particular flex-a-lite part number is up to the task.
    Check out "Drillers" mod list, he uses a "DC controller" that is a "very nice piece" and is up to the task of controlling the Mark 8 fan

    many products are not up to the task of controlling the mark 8 fan

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