1988 Eldorado Dash An Heat controlls


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Mar 28, 2008
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Wisconsin Rapids
I bought a 88 Eldorado today The dash works when it wants to the odometer says error. The heat controlls dont display anything and the thing below them dont work eather. The dome lights work when they want to like when i wass messing with it tonight when the dash stoped workin they wouldnt come on i got sick of lookin at it so i went in the house i came back out 15 min laiter to get my smokes an the dome lights came on so i turned the key on an the dash worked but it still says error on the odometer an the heat controlls still arnt working can anyone help me out with this.
I had the same problem with my 89 Eldorado after much trail 1) recharge your air conditioning . Try this first. 2) the electronic climate control module is not working . Its next to the blower fan back of engine. Heating the the car is all tied up with the motor fans & air conditioning through the engine control ( ECM ) the computer. Fred , New Zealand

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