For Sale 18" OZ Ultraleggeras, Lincoln LS or Mark VIII


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May 3, 2004
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Waynesboro, PA
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I picked these up off of an old forum member several years ago. According to him these were made special with this bolt pattern, so supposedly they are the only set out there. They were not as clean as advertised, so I ended up painting them as can be seen in the following link. They are in good shape, but do have a few rock chips and spots that have been touched up. I can put a fresh coat of paint on them for the buyer, or have them powdercoated at cost, usually ~$75 per wheel. They currently have fairly worn Pilot Sport tires on them which I would not consider worth the added cost to ship, but I will leave it up to the buyer to decide if I pull them off. They are 18"x8" with a 108x5 bolt pattern. They fit great on my LS, and I customized the center caps with Lincoln emblems. I am asking $800 for them, and can sort out shipping with the buyer. Pictures here:
Please email at jmcalister AT gmail DOT com if you are interested or have any questions.
Bump. I keep getting interest, then the buyer changes their mind or backs out. Make an offer, they are just collecting dust in my garage at this point.
I really like the way those rims look in the pictures off the car. For some reason on the car the spokes look too thin to me. Just wondering I forgot if you ever lowered the car?? If so do you have pictures with the wheels on the car lowered?? Maybe that is what is throwing me off??
I personally think you are asking too much for imperfect rims.
Bet if you lowered your price about 300 bux you'd get a lot more hits.
Hello sir. How are you doing today sir? I've been looking everywhere for these rims in this bolt pattern and thank god I have finally found someone that has them. I badly damaged one of my rims beyond repair and now I am looking for a single one.

the other 3 are fine. I just need 1 rim. Then I will be set. I'm kind of hard on money right now, but I can give you $50 for 1 rim (you will have to provide shipping). $50 is the best I can do. Maybe if the rim is in really nice condition we can work out a deal and I can add an extra $5 to the price. I'm hoping you say yes, cause like I said, I've really been looking for a rim in this pattern and I am sick and tired of driving on a spare.
50 dollars shipped? So you want him to sell you wheel rim for 5 dollars? Let me answer for him, thank you for the generous offer but no thanks.
50 dollars shipped? So you want him to sell you wheel rim for 5 dollars? Let me answer for him, thank you for the generous offer but no thanks.

I hate this place. That guy is probably just another reincarnation of the loser bluejet who wasted my time on these already.
Someone has to get them off your hands. Did you put an ad on craigs and eBay?
Tax season and warmer weather is these!


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