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Don Pfau

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Jun 7, 2010
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Fayetteville, NC
My Mark VIII's had a very good first day at the track. And it was a lot of fun. Beat some very fast cars. A Challenger SRT 8, a Shelby Cobra, and a GTO on slicks. My family members and I got to take turns driving it. It ran 12.5 to 12.6 all day. here are a few videos. YouTube - Don's Supercharged Mark VIII Vs Callenger SRT-8 YouTube - Don's Supercharged Mark VIII Vs Shelby Cobra YouTube - Don's Supercharged Mark VIII Brothers Solo Run from another angle

I just drove my buddy's Crown Victoria today. He has every bolt-on and just recently added a Vortech S-trim with an 8 psi pulley. He's seeing about 6psi right now on a tune the shop set him up with until he gets on the dyno. I have experienced the Vortech! :D He has already decided he is more than likely swapping the 10 psi pulley on there. He wants low 12s out of the car this year and then his life will be complete lol.
If he hasn't installed a forged bottom end actually even if I would recommend meth injection for added protection as well as power.
Yeah, he's running stock bottom end with Stage 2 cams and stock rods and pistons. That car has been through many 75 shots and moon revs (i saw 7357rpm shift on the giggle gas) and I still don't know why it is even running. :rolleyes:

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