11th Annual Beach Party 2016


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Jun 15, 2004
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Boscobel, Wisconsin, United States
FYI on 11th Annual 2016 Beach Party .... Details will be posted soon but there is going to be a change in venue. 755 180th Ave Union Grove, Wisconsin. Hosted by Jeff and Clarice Zelmer who have been attending the Beach Party for the last 3 years. Jeff and Clarice have graciously offered their property and hospitality. As in the past camping will be allowed on the property for those who want a lower budget. We are only 30 to 45 min from Milwaukee air port (Billy Mitchell Field) so arrangements can be easily made for those who live further away and would like to fly in for a great time.

Map of Location

More Information will follow
I plan on being there. The problems that kept me away from the meet this year are being brought under control.
I see that is just a short drive (very short) to the Great Lakes Dragaway.
I think I went to high school with a family member. Graduated in 88 from Central in Paddock Lake. Last name sounds familiar anyway.
hey sweet cheeks!! how bout an update....... I need to request days off if I'm going to attend.....
Mespock has not been on since July 19th, 2015 - something happen to him? That is when this post was made. I hope all is well.
All is well just been extremely busy. Retired this spring, have been busting my balls coaching track, and tryig to get my house on the Market. I have moved to Madison, WI, and going between both places is driving me nuts. Also, almost forgot about the LVC website as I communitcate with many of the Beach Party going members on Facebook.

But all is well and the Beach Party is still on. It will be held at 738 180th Street, Union Grove, WI this year. wouldn't work at my house anymore.

If anyone has any question send me an e-mail as schnrich@gmail.com

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