10th Annual Beach Party Discussion Thread ..

Wow ... Can't believe we've been doing this for 10 years ... I want this to be the best meet that we have had .... It's been fun these past years and an honor that LvC member keep coming back year after year.

I am going to ask for some extra help on this meet ... So let the discussion begin ... once you guys get back home and rested .. LOL ... Those who have never come to a Beach Party ... start planning ..

I know it a distance for some of you but members have come from the UK to attend so ... let's see who can beat that. US members have come from as far away as NJ, CO, OH, OK, AZ, WY, IL, MN, MI, IA, and WI. We can arrange pick up from Airports .. Madison, Lacrosse, Milwaukee, Chicago, Dubuque, Rockford (I know you may want your car here but it's about the LvC Family cars are just the fun part. So come and have some fun ...
I'm hoping I can get my broke ass up there next year. And in a Mark Viii... only time will tell.
Days off for this most Excellent of events have been secured. Financing for the trip will probably happen the closer i get to July. :cool:
I just made my reservation at the River Inn. I got one of the last rooms. Anyone that wants to stay at the Inn better hurry!
If the same dates this summer I have that weekend off.

#10? Crazy! Wish I still had a Mark. I do keep eyeing them up form time to time but I have other toys to finish up.
Damn when it rains it pours. I will not be at the beach party this year. As of July 1st my mom is going to lose her job, which is bull**** as far as i am concerned but there is nothing i can do about it. When her job goes i will have to help her when i can and my mom comes first. As far as next year if i can i will but i will have to wait and see.

The agency i work for is getting a new director and she is making alot of changes. So everyone have a Great time and drink a few for me.


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