09 CTS: Passenger door lock failure. Ideas on how to open the door?

Cadillac CTS

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    Jun 10, 2014
    New to the site but old wrench on many, many other cars...

    About a week ago my front passenger door lock stopped working on my 2009 CTS. It's stuck in the locked position. I tried the key fob, unlock buttons on both doors, pulling the handle, pulling up on the lock itself... nothing works. I now have a 3 door CTS. I think it's a feature and not a failure but my passengers might disagree...

    Anyone have any idea how to open the door so I can pull off the door panel? You cannot get the panel off without first opening the door because the panel plastic is sandwiched between the door and door frame. I think the lock situation is a mechanical issue because I can't pull up on the lock to unlock it. The window works fine. I suppose I can just have the passengers enter Dukes of Hazard style but, well, the car is not the right color for such shenanigans.

    Since this is a psuedo-intro thread as well here's my other toy:


    She's a wee bit easier to work on...


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