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Aug 19, 2005
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:feedback My car should arrive Sep. 10th. I have already purchased a new front end and wheels. My question is: How far do I lower it? I still have the tuner blood in me, but I love the lines and size of the CTS. I don't want the car slammed, but lowered enough for the wheels to look tucked. Eibach offers a 1.2" and Sprint springs offers a 1.7". There is also a middle ground with Inrax springs at 1.5". Your help would be appreciated. Pics of your lowering job would help too. Thanks
If anything go w/the Eibachs. You will however have frontend problems, no matter how much you drop it. You adjustment cams will not go out far enough and the inside of the tires will wear quick. This is why I didn't lower mine. Many others have this problem.

Thanks for your help. What size wheels and tires are on yours? Is that the Eibach @ 1.2 inch drop or with out being lowered in your pics?
20" Rims 245/35/20's I have not lowered my car at all.
Talking springs now

I contacted Sprint springs and they said they don't have an application for the 2006 CTS. I have yet to here from Intrax or Eibach, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use the 05 version. Isn't it the same set up?

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