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    Feb 7, 2018
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    Looking to upgrade to 18" wheels and Jaguar S type R brake setup on my 2003 LS V8. Mostly for the aesthetics...
    Found a complete 2003 Jaguar S type R with 18" Zeus (OEM?) wheels so those will work.
    I can't seem to find a definitive post (UTFSE...) about whether this confirmed Brembo set up is a direct swap.
    If I'm grasping what I have read:
    - There are differences between 2nd gen LS and 2003 (2nd gen?) S type R suspension components (LCA? Knuckle?) which make a direct swap difficult.
    The set up from a 2007 (3rd gen?) S type R (not Brembo?) are direct swap for the 2nd gen LS fronts (unsure about the rears.)
    If the wheels are all that will work so be it. Hate to pass up an opportunity to salvage a full brake set up though if it can be used.
    Any help clarifying this greatly appreciated.
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    Jan 20, 2014
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    The 03-05 Brembos do not bolt up. I believe the biggest issue is the Brembo rotors are much deeper, but I'm not sure if they have the some bolt hole dimensions either. The control arms from 03+ S-type are different, so you can't swap knuckles/control arms. The rear Brembos also go with a dual caliper setup - one main brake, one parking brake. The rear knuckles with 4 brake mounting ears APPEAR identical to the LS, so there may be a possibility with different cables/hoses

    06+ S-type R (and select XK, XJ, and XF models) have the same diameter rotors, but different calipers that DO fit the LS right away. Gen 1 needs a clevis used as an extension to adapt the parking brake cable to the rear caliper hook. A v'66 Corvette clevis works, maybe with a little grinding to fit the cable cap through the slot

    Zeus wheels (03-05) fit fine over the rear 06+ brakes, but the fronts do not. They hit the side face of the calipers. I chose to grind a little until near-zero clearance, then added a 3mm spacer (max you can go while retaining center hub bore engagement on these wheels, but is too much for my stock gen 1 5-spoke 17" sports)

    The only difference between LS gens here is the parking brake. I'm not sure how much that affects fitment, but I have seen a few Gen 2 owners get it hooked up

    Somewhere in there you can see the outline of the 06+ StR caliper being right against the barrel of the Zeus. The barrel clearance is barely more than the thickness of the wheel weights

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    Jul 15, 2010
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    I'm currently refinishing some 2010 Jaguar XJ calipers (same calipers as 06+ S Type R) that I got of ebay for $125. This is the easiest and cheapest way to get big brakes for the LS. I looked into what would be required to do the Brembo swap and its way too much. The complete fronts suspension (possibly including sub frame) would need to be swapped. The rear might only require the knuckle to be swapped and a way to connect to the separate parking brake.

    2007 Jaguar STR Brakes Confirmed
    All the information you need to do the 06+ S Type R swap.

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