00LS-Sport Great Source for Lincoln Parts


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Aug 14, 2005
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Madison, Mississippi
00LS-Sport (Jon) is a GREAT source for Lincoln and FoMoCo parts. He looked up some odd parts that I needed. He got me a SUPER price (below list). He also kept me up to date with a tracking number and letting me how long he expected the parts to take. (They were both a special order and were still here in no time!)

I paid by Credit Card and that was no problem for him. The whole transaction couldn't have gone smoother, and now my LS doesn't have a big gaping hole where the vent was supposed to be!

Jon works in the parts dept at Norm Wagner Ford (978-537-8545) , so he has access to all kind of great resources. He also owns and knows alot about the LS itself.

Thanks Jon!

There is a link in his profile page where you can PM him regarding a parts order:
I also recently dealt with Jon and he got me a part the same day I asked for it. Not only that, but he gave it below the actual retail cost. Definitly going to him next time I have any parts questions with my LS

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