My 1st Lincoln

  • My 1st Lincoln. 1986 Continental. I bought right after I was stationed in Virginia in 1992. It was probably the quietest, smoothest riding car I've ever owned (my 2001 had duals so it had a nice rumble from the tailpipes).. It had a really plush blue velour interior and every readout inside was digital- no needles, no analog gauges. I also remember it having 4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes which I thought was a big deal because at that time I didn't know 4 wheel disc was even an option on any car.

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    Good looking lincoln., Was it air ride?
    1. SteveKC
      Yes. I didn't realize it the 1st time I changed the oil. I lowered the lift and the body was nearly to the ground. Luckily no damage, I knew next time to turn it off before lifting the car.
      SteveKC, May 6, 2018
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