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  • image.jpg I'm restoring a 2001 Lincoln LS with the V8 3.9 which is a zippy little 8 cylinder that is incredibly fun and exciting to drive. I bought this car for $1000 and only have had it for two years. It actually sat for a year outside not being driven at all. I debated selling it but I made the decision to keep it and bring it back to a new condition it's been a very reliable car since I had it. The only parts I had to replace was a fuel pump ⛽️ and the fuel filter. I put a 2000 LS bumper on the front because the passenger side fog light was broken out I only paid $100 for the new bumper and the guy threw in two headlights I swapped out the assemblies because his were in better shape than mine. I want to replace the suspension underneath because it has 180,000 on the odometer.
    I believe it could ride a lot smoother with new parts underneath I will do this little by little. I found shocks on Strutmasters down in NC that is a ready-mount strut and shock absorber so will purchase them soon. Along with new bushings all around and a few other parts I truly believe this will be a really fun car to zip around town.

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