97 Cadillac Eldorado

97 Cadillac Eldorado

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Here's the total plans of what I'd love to do to my car. Probably only half of this stuff will ever happen.

-Custom cowl hood, similar to the old Grand Nationals
-Blacked out headlights
-Strip all the chrome off
-Repaint the car, base a Black Satin, including the grills up front.
-Custom paint option 1, with my own personal design on the hood... A version of death... (Seen from above) Man, with a powerful build, black, square boots, striding towards you from a mist (the mist will extend to the sides of the car, no farther really than the front wheel, the mist swirling around his legs, a trench coat billowing behind him, an odd glow around the hand that's forward. His head down, an old style undertaker's hat (the ones that have a round top, and then a flat circular brim) and what looks like a 5 o'clock shadow, slightly greying...
-Custom paint option 2, think back to the Gravedigger monster truck... On the hood, seemingly reaching up from the hood, is the classic image of death, skeletal face, bone hands reaching up through green flames. The flames would also go along the side, to probably the middle of the doors
-Black tint windows, so black that you can't see inside
-Shaved door handles
-Undecided if the half top would stay or go.
-Refinish my current wheels, get them back to mint shape
-Additional neon bars under the car to provide a level glow. I like the purple, but white, or an ice blue would also be cool.
-Fog machine tucked into the trunk, routed with multiple vents under the car for shows. Park the car, set the machine, have an eerie mist emanating from under the car

-AWD, full time
-Built to hell Northstar... Probably shifted to longitudinal mount, twin turbo, or roots blower equipped. 800+ horses. Torque'd to similar.
-6 Speed manual, floor mount shift
-Tuned suspension, for handling and performance.
-Brake system to rein in this fun, multi piston, slotted discs (matte black discs if possible)

-New front seats, something with better lateral support. 5 point harness probably
-No back seats! Pair of cylinder subs each mounted on the floor under where the back seats butts used to sit. Set a layer of wood over them, (think turn the back seats smoothed down, and wood) so there's a place to toss things back there. Carpet that, not going to have bare wood
-Speaking of wood, all the wood trim replaced with brushed aluminum
-New set of gauges, blue backlit, few more things need to be monitored. Analog!!!
-Head unit of same lighting color CD/MP3
-Custom steering wheel, brushed aluminum... bars? arms? (whatever you call the part that connects the part your hands grip, and the center of the wheel) center woud be leather with my own personal type logo, som sort of dragon insignia.
-Gear shiftknob, dragon theme
-Powered sunroof
-Thinking of the ceiling, the fabric that's there, insert little fiber lights into it, to create the effect of stars. (If you think back to Disney as a kid, those little handles with the hundreds of little tiny fibers, turn it on and the fibers light up)
-More lighting, fiber lighting around the floor mats, behind the air vents, under the seats. All of it dim, but combined create an eerie glow inside the vehicle at night
-Floor mats, Black with silvery rim, and a logo/emblem of some sort. Either dragon, or Death
-Upgraded sound system, but hidden away, so the sound enters the car, but doesn't show. Also soundproofed so it's not heard outside.

Additional things
-Bulletproof, cuz I can.
-Roll cage built in, but not that garbage where you see these big bars, build it into the car, tucked away inside
-A few bouncers, armed with automatic weapons who stand around it whenever it's parked, and threaten anyone who looks like they're considering parking next to it, letting a shopping cart bounce into it, key it out of jealousy, steal it, etc


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