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Well the LS you see in some of the pics is long gone, had a few cars since its trade in. Currently have 3 cars, 2 running and the other going to be soon after some work. 1. My baby, who is fun as hell and I enjoy every minute of it since I got in a year ago, 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged. Got a good amount of work into it and its a blast. 2. My beater so to speak, '07 Ford Fusion 4 banger. It does what i need it, bout all I can say and 3. my '97 chevy cavalier, 2nd time around. I had this car a few years ago long before the lincoln came into the pic, but gave it to my sister after getting another car. Its back awaiting an engine cause her dumbass b/f ran it w/out coolant. Plans besides "new" engine or just minor things, it well become my other beater that well get some attention mod-wise but not much. And fusion well probably go after abit cause its not my kind of car, I like 2 door small, hence why the Lincoln wore off and its gone.

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