2006 Lincoln LS

  • Second LS I have owned, had this one about a year and a half- 94,500 miles. Put on new wheels - 19 "MRR VP5- Gun Metal, lowered with Eibach springs, new rotors, pads and SS brake lines. K&N Cold Air Intake, SCT Tuner - Torrie tune, Kenwood eXcelon Head unit, Rydeen Duo Backup Cam, Focal Integration Series 5x7 2 way speakers, separate tweeter and mid bass driver.

    To do's left on the wish list-
    Install LSE spoiler - have it , just need to get it repainted
    Angel Eyes
    Replace Headliner

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  1. jimzim429
    Very good looking vehicle.
    1. V8inMA
      Thanks !
      V8inMA, Nov 21, 2018
  2. lsismore
    Very clean! I have an '03 V6. What do the Fuel, Status and Setup buttons do? Also, nice floor mats!
    1. V8inMA
      Thanks ! I got the floor mats from Lloyd Mats.

      Those buttons display info in the Message Center.

      Distance to Empty

      Average Fuel Economy

      Press this control for the following displays:

      Units (English/Metric)


      Easy Exit Seat (if equipped)

      Autolamp Delay

      Lock Chirp (if equipped)


      Selecting this function from the STATUS control causes the message center to cycle through each of the systems being monitored.
      V8inMA, Oct 24, 2018
      lsismore likes this.
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