2006 Lincoln LS OEM Sirius Radio for THX/Nav Unit

  • I'm in the car business (same Ford store for 7 years), and trying to find the Sirius module for the THX/NAV seems to have been harder then finding the Holy Grail, the Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot. After months of searching I FOUND IT! What a difference! The FM2 buttons becomes SAT, and FM1 now cyclces to FM2. The display shows the song title/artist/channel. You can search by catagory, and you have 3 sets of 6 presets SAT1/2/3. Not to mention the sound quality of full digital sound!

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  1. Dtallen
    I know it's been several years, but do you have the factory part number for the kit? I realize it's not available from ford but it might help my search.
  2. 04lincolnls
    how is it done pm me please
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