2004/2006 cadillac xlr/xlr-v

General Description

new tires / wheels 20" 3pc
all stainless headers / exhaust
tint windows

still need to lower, , replace grille, air filter
any other ideas?? supercharger?????????

had to trade it in to get a supercharger!!
2006 XLR-V
3pc wheels
Borla exhaust
CAI and tint soon


This car screams "Corvette" ! I see vette hues all over it. Looks GREAT!
If you're not aware, it's built on the C6 2005 Corvette platform. I consider it a "Luxury Vette"
Fantastic. I like your last question. Supercharger? Looks like you only have 10mph left to go on that car.
sweet car one of the nicest cars on the planet bar none. I am waiting on the Northstar supercharger too how funny!
(sigh) Why can't I win the lottery? Then I could have a wicked Caddy like that!(sigh!) (sob!-sniff-sniff)
I think you have my next car! - I have an STS the same Cr-Pearl color Love it. Looks even better on The XLR
my lincoln mark 7 would kill that car on the high way I have a v8 mustang motor bitch whats up you no dick bastered
jo lo mustangs have 225 hp and you got speed density you have a pos i bet its not worth as much as the stock caddy tires

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