2002 Lincoln LS V-6

  • bought it on 3'27'05.... so far have cleared out the corners and blacked out the side lamps... kkm intake.... and upgraded the bulbs to sylvannia hyper whites.. >;) and I added more mods which im too lazy to list.. haha.. (6-30-05)

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  1. bigblacklincoln
    hey man i just bought a 2000 ls today i was wondering if u could tell me where you got the bracket for the 03 headlights
  2. joachim f.beer
    love this site!
  3. capt. dammit
    lovin them clear corners. whats the best site for upgrades yall have found. Im a new ls owner, '00, v6. Just put on some 20" icw deep dish racin rims n some fine nitto tires. Now im in need of a "good" looking grill n a body kit.
  4. rallyacres@comcast.net
    no chrome,all mono,all sooth!!! little accent here and there to set it off.
  5. luckieleo
    lookin good! i've got a white v6 too...you definitely need some chrome on the grilll. or the fake chrome if your cheap like me! :)
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