1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

  • 1997 LSC with 33k original miles. Stock engine with J-Modded transmission, Circle D converter, underdrive pulleys, Dyno tune, and 3.73 gears.
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  1. germansheperd
    John I will keep you in mind if I go to sell it.
  2. John R Jacques
  3. germansheperd
    Thank you. Lol yes i have been told on the rims. Got new tires on it this week and all 4 are in the right spot!
  4. bhans40
    You have a beautiful car germanshepard......If no one has told you yet you need to switch the Lt front and Rt rear tires and rims as the rims are directional......this will keep comments down
  5. Jeff Freeman
    That is really beautiful! Love the color and I love that style of wheels. Really accents the car. I am hoping to get one of these soon!
    1. germansheperd
      Thank you!
      germansheperd, Feb 26, 2017
  6. germansheperd
    Thank you! Its going to be my fair weather driver.
  7. Svets96
    What a gorgeous car indeed! Very tasteful mods.
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