1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

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Wow! Now those are some beautiful Mark VIII's! It is pretty awesome to see another Trekkie on here. It's also seriously cool that you worked on Voyager. And that you got to attend GR's funeral. I'm a die hard TOS fan myself. I've seen every episode of all the series except DS9 and all the movies. I'm not a fan of the new Trek reboot, though. I met Leonard Nimoy at a book signing in Raleigh in 1995 and John DeLancie at a convention in Durham in '96. And I've got all three seasons of TOS-R and all 10 movies on DVD. I've got a few Trek toys and collectibles too.
Excellent! I have a very good friend in the area who also had a '97 Black/black LSC and who happens to be a collector. He has more Trek uniforms, props and memorabilia than Paramount at this point. He's also got some really cool Elvis stuff, including some suits and quite a bit of jewelry. Fun!!!!

I'm with you on the new Trek. Although I am happy to have anything new at this point in that realm =)

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