1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

  • The blue 94 is my best girl, Blue, she's gone now.

    The white 96 LSC, was my boy, yup gone too.

    The black 96 LSC, that's Tuxedo he's what I ride now. Tux is pretty special, he is LVC picked by Pepperman, Joeychgo and a few other members, but he was one of many excellant MarkVIII's that LVC's Hotties found for me to purchase, again Thanks LVC HOTTIES-YOU ROCK!!!

    Thanks for the stickers Joey they look great!!!!

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  1. ShortCircutLS
    looking good Debi. Ill keep an eye out for Tux when im driving around.
  2. jona571
    nice :) I bet you look great in ur tux
  3. NoLimit95
    Deb, Tux is just as beautiful as you are. I'm converting mine into an LSC. 98 LSC moldings, 97 Octi's, 93 back window with no ripple. Mixed breed lol.
  4. aZLiNCoLNMk8
    diggin your collection you've got goin on there, wish my ride was as clean as yours!!!
  5. lprillerman
  6. eglade
    Hello Debi, nice pics. I have a black 97 and am hooked on my Mark.
  7. Jeffintampa
    Ms, I have the twin to Tux I have also a 96 just like yours well mine needs a new paint some of the clear coat is white ing
  8. 1badd7
    nice ride are both of them yours
  9. turborich
    I like your Mark VIII! You really care about that car & that's great! :)
  10. russellhyde
    Thanks, I'll have to look into "hotties"
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