1995 Lincoln Mark VIII SVTR

  • The History of The TerminVIIIor

    This vehicle started out life innocently enough as a standard 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII.

    The vehicle was purchased in 1997 and has since undergone 3 major makeovers from top to bottom both inside and out.

    These are the earliest known shots of The TerminVIIIor. These two shots were taken in August of 1997 1 month after purchase. In these shots it was completely stock and was just lowered and nothing more. At this time it was dubbed "Project ONEBADMK8"



    This vehicle was dead showroom perfect when we started our quest to be number one.

    It was my Father's neighbor's car.
    He (at the time of purchase) was 63 years old with no childeren.
    Just him and his wife who are also both non-smokers babying the car it's whole 38,000 mile life.
    No one has ever even sat in the back seat until we got it!!!

User Comments

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  1. Racejunkie
    Hey kick ass mark I cant wait to finish mine up, question how much for the spoiler?
  2. Sapperfire
    im looking for the same cowel hood that you have on that Mark, does LMS have these?
  3. iheartmy98markviii
    Hit me up we have the wing ready to go.
  5. Fastmark8
    I Need To Get That Spoiler Thats The Only Thing I'M Missing! Looks Great
  6. robertj
    Very Nice! If I were to rate it from 1 to 10 it would be a 20--I have an on going Cartier Town Car Project Did Engine First, Yourcar is a Inspiration
  7. clintjw95
    Where can I buy the Cobra R wheels since LMS doesn't sell them anymore?
  8. JC1994
    THE nicest Mark VIII... 5 stars.
  9. LincMark_7&8
    Bad to da bone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Lincolnpimpin
    Its ONE of a kind hood on the White one.
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