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    93 Mark VIII Progress Thread

    Looking good.
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    97 Mark Detail

    No that's how you're supposed to remove a dash.
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    Double Din bezel in a '93

    Hacking up a single din 93-94 Mark up to put in a double din makes no sense. Relocating the HVAC system would be impossible. The only option is a full dash swap from a 95/96. It's way more easier to do, and the whole dash with wire harness can be pulled.
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    Gear shifter console reolacement help

    Nah, just pre-occupied with other things.
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    hinges drivers side

    Hannibal Smith, The A-Team.
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    Gear shifter console reolacement help

    Why remove the whole shifter if the only problem is the shifter? The shifter could've been removed without removing the whole assembly.
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    For Sale 1998 LSC Engine, Transmission, and Engine Wiring Harness as well as a complete 97

    Price is to high trying to sell an engine on here. Especially when you can buy a Mark VIII for $900. $400 for the motor,$150 for the transmission is more than fair.
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    More Parts....

    Intake hat is still for sale.
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    Gen 1 Parts For Sale

    Sorry, no grille.
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    The CE Project

    Yes, this is Lincolnboys car. Yes, the will be used somewhere in there.
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    The CE Project

    Picked up last month what will be my LAST Mark VIII project. That's it, I'm finished. No more after this one. This one is already in great shape so it won't need much. The needs are few. The biggest one is the tapping I posted about in a previous thread. Hopefully it's nothing major. Complete...
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    93 Mark VIII Progress Thread

    It's nice to see my first Mark still going strong and in good hands. Back then, I asked a lot of questions concerning exhaust, and there was a big debate on removing the third cat back then, and I opted for the two in two out cat to replace the third cat to keep the car legal. It turned out on...
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    Another 97/98 clock spring(air bag sliding contact) thread..BUT unexpected REAL fix!!

    I have a spare clock spring just in case I need one.
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    More Parts....

    All this stuff is still available
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    Ford Racing 3.73 Gears

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    For Sale Look Cheap Parts

    visors are sold. Lots of stuff left guys.
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    Top Strut bolt stuck

    With what. No access to air tools where this car is.
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    Top Strut bolt stuck

    The nut on the strut tower is on the bolt ant the billy has become loose from the strut and its spinning as I try to loosen it. Anyone have any ideas to get this nut off?
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    Mark VIII Craigslist finds!!!

    A lot of low mile Marks are coming on the market now. Like this one. What would be a good offer?
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    First Pics of our new 22K mile family member!!!!

    Your garage is full. Where will you keep this one?