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  1. slowmkviii

    Windshield Washer Switch 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

    He's on fb probably under Carlos Post a wanted add Lincoln Mark VIII Marketplace | Facebook
  2. slowmkviii

    Windshield Washer Switch 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

    As stated above try and pm racebronco2
  3. slowmkviii

    97 LSC Low Beam replacement produre

    Here's one from the search section How to make 9005 Bulb adapters 4 Low Beam conversion
  4. slowmkviii

    1998 Mark VIII Air Ride Trouble

    Got to start looking for leaks Most common are the bags but if your lucky it may be the bad Solenoid or solenoid o rings
  5. slowmkviii

    Hello from Japan,New owner of Mark VIII

    Welcome ! Car already looks like someone has been modifying it too
  6. slowmkviii

    Fuel Sender Open

    Pump and sending unit run sould work independently So check to make sure you have proper fuel pressure at the shader valve under the hood during operation Shuddering is also commonly caused by bad tranny fluid resulting in converter shutter
  7. slowmkviii

    HELP! How do I R&R front anti sway bar (not the links) 98 Mark base

    What problems did they have ? How far did they get?
  8. slowmkviii

    Bad differential, axle/halfshaft, or driveshaft? '98 LSC

    That is for a mark vii The mark viii is under the rear seat
  9. slowmkviii

    1995 Lincoln Mark viii

    Get the service manuals so you can follow the electric schematics with a volt meter till you find power
  10. slowmkviii

    converting to springs with a kit from Arnott

    One day no problem if rust is not in the equation
  11. slowmkviii

    98 Mark base sway bars

    Beware I had to have modified brackets for the front of mine but many others have not. I also have a non fitting 1.375 front in the garage. I never tried to see if super coupe performance would take it back though.
  12. slowmkviii

    98 Mark base sway bars

    I use the 1.25" front and rear and I'm happy.
  13. slowmkviii

    Selling my 93 Mark VIII Supercharged

    Bad ass car, wish I was in the market, good luck on the sale
  14. slowmkviii

    Ongoing updates to the 1997

    Couple runs from SMN this weekend Thanks to Vlad and Eric for recording
  15. slowmkviii

    Ongoing updates to the 1997

    Ce wheel in
  16. slowmkviii

    Help Needed Diagnosing ABS & Traction Control Error

    Any codes? Hopefully just a bas sensor and it's a 97
  17. slowmkviii

    98 Mark basic "STUFF"

    Nice but where's the pictures let's see the beauty
  18. slowmkviii

    Ongoing updates to the 1997

    Thanks can't wait to get them bedded in hopefully put the cobra 2 piston to shame
  19. slowmkviii

    Ongoing updates to the 1997

    Up grade from the cobra brakes
  20. slowmkviii

    Second Life

    Nice, good luck! If you have a good battery you can put the pedal to the floor as you start it. So it won't actually start and can build oil pressure before starting