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  1. UltimateSVT

    Marks on Saleens official thread.

    Shes no longer on Saleens...
  2. UltimateSVT

    Marks on Saleens official thread.

    It's incredible how 10 years later, this car fell into my lap. I am now the owner of Andrereed's former Mark VIII. Still looks just as clean. Chrome is definitely fading though. I got the car in October but 6 of us in the family got Covid so the car stayed at my mothers house in Miami until last...
  3. UltimateSVT

    Mustang steering wheel, can that fit MKVIII ???

    I think they're the same wheel. Ask around. I've seen Mark VIIIs with Cobra airbags so I assume it's the same wheel. Hmmm.
  4. UltimateSVT

    Got the car out with new shoes

    Wow, yes, yes & yes with a little more yes sprinkled on top! Elegant, sporty, aggressive! Yum!
  5. UltimateSVT

    Checking in...

    Most of still around. I do the same thing in the jet ski forums that you're doing. I haven't owned a jet ski in 8 years but I still go on there to say hello. Good people. Same with LVC.
  6. UltimateSVT

    Under hood corriosion

    All of them tend to start to show some rusting or bubbling. Not just Mark VIIIs. I have an F150 with the same issue & i just sold an Expedition with the identical problem.
  7. UltimateSVT


    Geez. Well, it is true that a project car is never finished. They always keep you on your toes.
  8. UltimateSVT

    hi nice to meet you all

    Welcome to the loony family!
  9. UltimateSVT

    engine knocking

    My '93 used to do it the first 3 seconds I'd start it but only on cold starts.
  10. UltimateSVT

    To those of you Lowered Spring - How low did you go?

    DO what I'm planning on doing, cut one loop on each spring. That will bring you down another 1.5 if I'm not mistaking. Someone feel free to chime in.
  11. UltimateSVT

    Gen1 to Gen 2 front end clip swap

    Another cross gen. Looking forward to process pics! :)
  12. UltimateSVT

    Idiot dealer does not like that I told him it is not an LSC

    That right there is pure awesome! Nicely done.
  13. UltimateSVT

    To those of you Lowered Spring - How low did you go?

    My Eibachs claim they drop 1.5 inches. However I am convinced once they settle in, it's a 2 inch drop. I can't complain.
  14. UltimateSVT

    Offical Good bye to LVC

    Can't say I'm surprised since we spoke a couple months about it. I'm glad it went to another enthusiast. Take cae of those wheels, buddy. Those were my first aftermarket wheels for our cars.
  15. UltimateSVT

    new to the forum and just picked this up

    Good deal no matter what. Just fix/replace that bumper when you can & you'll feel great about it.
  16. UltimateSVT

    Newbie here, always had Lincolns, first Mark VIII though

    My friend, you have one nice collection of cars. That Mark VIII is absolutely gorgeous.
  17. UltimateSVT

    looking at a collectors edition

    Sucks to hear you couldn't grab it. Good luck. Hope she's in your hands soon. If she's sitting under 100k & she's in great shape, she can run you a good $5k. If she's sitting under 75k, expect her to be about 1k more. There's a white CE in Naples, Fl going for $7k. It has 85,000 miles on it...
  18. UltimateSVT

    98 mark viii

    Welcome aboard. I definitely agree with John. Make sure she's 100% tip top before proceeding. Then start off with Cobra intake swap, exhaust, Lightning MAF, cold air intake, etc... to get you plenty more power. Maybe not a full 90 but you will feel a HUGE difference.
  19. UltimateSVT

    looking at a collectors edition

    Hands down a keeper. If it's got low mileage, get it painted the right way & keep it.