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  1. Andrizzle

    Brand new cooling system, love this car, ha

    I have had the intake on and off like 10 total times so I have it basically memorized. But I would take up that deal probably. $180 to not mess with it in the cold is thumbs up.
  2. Andrizzle

    Seemingly never ending quest to get rid of front end noise.

    Sway bar endlinks, one (or both) is probably loose.
  3. Andrizzle

    Hard Shift 3rd to 4th under high Torque

    Transmission solenoid on the top of the trans is likely involved. Also you probably need to have the valve body rebuilt in the trans. My 2004 has had this for a long time now, the solenoid replacement only helped - but it is not 100% until valve body. For reference my car is at about 175K...
  4. Andrizzle

    Bite the bullet? Reliable daily question

    Agree with everyone here. Don't buy one in 2020 as a DD. Every LS today is worth probably less than 2 grand except for a small minority of garage queens with no mileage.
  5. Andrizzle


    Number 7? Like the cylinder? You are probably hearing coolant boiling/air bubbles returning to the Degas Bottle. Which means you have a leak somewhere in the system.
  6. Andrizzle

    More LS Excitement

    Not sure if it is possible to turn off the LS without the car in Park, but make sure it is fully in Park. Move the shifter more aggressively into Park next time it won't start and see if that was it.
  7. Andrizzle

    Only 1500 LSE Editions were produced!

    I honestly wouldn't pay more than $2K for any LS out there today. The only exception would be a 2006 that has been sitting in a garage with under 30K miles or something (doesn't exist). There are many critical parts for the LS that are not longer made (OEM or aftermarket). The car is quickly...
  8. Andrizzle

    Official LS Picture Thread

    Black roof looks great on these.
  9. Andrizzle

    What did you do to your LS today?

    It is not. The LSE rear valence has a unique shape, like the sideskirts.
  10. Andrizzle


    Rollover with no airbags deployed? I guess not all LS have side curtains, though.
  11. Andrizzle


    What a bummer. Totaled for sure. Is there any LS out there worth more than $5K right now? I doubt it.
  12. Andrizzle

    05 LS V8 not wanting to coast

    Is this on an incline? Because when my transmission was severely underfilled (2-3 quarts), the car would literally slip out of gear on inclines and it was very weird feeling. You would have to get enough momentum to clear the hill so the transmission would re-engage once it was back to more...
  13. Andrizzle

    04 LS V8 slow revs

    I think only a tune will remove it.
  14. Andrizzle

    Noticed someone has used a jack on my gas tank

    Are you having fuel problems? It doesn't look like it is punctured from that photo.
  15. Andrizzle

    Starting the front end damage repair

    The plastic code is printed on the bumper. But I believe it is just the standard ABS plastic rods needed. Be sure to use mesh on the backside.
  16. Andrizzle

    Anybody use a Motive self brake bleeder

    I used the Motive BB on my LS for the brakes. It worked great. I got the fitting for Ford cars. #0107 I think is the right one.
  17. Andrizzle

    Already Expensive Crank but No Start Issue/Help Needed

    Yea, I learned my lesson the hard way with that. The Lincoln "techs" were trying to find my LS's transmission fill under the hood >.<
  18. Andrizzle

    Transmission Problem

    I have a 2004 and refilled using a fill port on the rear of the trans. Still need a hand pump, and lots of towels, but it is doable.
  19. Andrizzle

    New Member with an 04 LS V8

    Yea the solenoid assembly is likely needing replaced and the transmission valve body needs rebuilt. I have been driving mine with the same transmission problems for years. I finally replaced the solenoid assembly and that solved the bottom gears shifting for most part, except it will still...