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  1. Dereck

    Phony PM

    Hi LS4me Yeah I got one with and deleted it without bearly looking at it. Regards Dereck
  2. Dereck

    What guns are you guys running?

    Hi Beretta 682 12 guage Beretta 686 12 guage Beretta Ulrika 12 guage Browning Gold Hunter 12 guage Mossberg pump 12 guage Air arms .22 air rifle (44 lbs/ft muzzle energy) Brno .22 rimfire Anschultz .22 rimfire Enfield .308 Mannlicher Classic .243 Sako Hunter 75 deluxe .270...
  3. Dereck

    Carlisle 09

    Hi I will be there as well with my girlfriend Jane making a nuisance of myself. Carlisle is 3700 miles from me :) Regards Dereck
  4. Dereck

    The Official Beer thread

    Hi Regards Dereck
  5. Dereck

    Happy Birthday Dereck

    Hi Pepperman Wow what a display!!! Many thanks for the birthday wishes sorry I am a bit late, Take care dude Dereck
  6. Dereck

    Happy Birthday Pepperman

    Hi Pepperman HAPPY BIRTHDAY dude, :bestwishe for a good one from across the pond, hope you have a pile of Little Debbies to celebrate in style. Take care Dereck
  7. Dereck

    2009 Boscobel Beach Party

    Hi Rich Much as I would like to come at the moment it is looking unlikely, a combination of too many stateside events to attend and rocketing flight prices. But there are over 9 months before the beach party so who knows I could be giving the Fennimore Sherrif's cruiser a workout yet :)...
  8. Dereck

    Strutmaster vs American Air suspension

    Hi Rich Don't you mean 2am tomorrow :D Technically I am the only one here on "real time" as time starts in the U.K ;) Regards Dereck
  9. Dereck

    How Many Hours must you work to fill your tank

    Hi Rich 2.42 hours at U.K prices 0.85 at U.S prices :) Take care dereck
  10. Dereck

    !!!!!!do You Love Your Lincoln!!!!!

    Hi Guys I worked out what the **** meant and arrived here :) Regards Dereck
  11. Dereck

    Lost bass in rear speakers HELP!!

    Hi 97 TownCar Have you got the factory subwoofer assembly? Click here for some subwoofer help Regards Dereck
  12. Dereck

    Just for Chicken viii

    Hi Chiken Man I did give you a link to all about the car you must have missed it, here it is again. Click here if you need to know about that car Regards Dereck
  13. Dereck

    Another one for Chicken viii

    Hi Chicken Dude Fancy a TVR T350C? Weighing only 2000lbs, with 360hp, 0- 60 in 4 seconds and a top end of 180mph this car just begged for a test drive, some days it's good to go to work :) You have to love some of the quirky TVR design features, no door handles,brushed...
  14. Dereck

    Just for Chicken viii

    Hi Chicken Dude A couple weeks ago you asked if I had had anything interesting in the shop lately, well had this curiosity in a while back, bet you don't know what it is :) It is a genuine factory built car using Jaguar mechanicals and don't believe the badging (Yes I know the picture file...
  15. Dereck

    God v Atheism

    Hi Shagdrum Unlike yourself I made no personal attack on anyone, as Kbob pointed out I was stating my opinion. And as for being irrelevant isn't this a thread about God/Religion/Atheism? I have no evidence to back up the non existence of god the same way a believer has no evidence to...
  16. Dereck

    There's still a Brit with balls.

    Hi Guys I am not a liar and don't appreciate being called one, that anecdote did happen. And as for the Jews not killing innocent bystanders, haven't they been bombing Palistine killing countless hundreds for the last however many years and destroying thier property with bulldozers...
  17. Dereck

    God v Atheism

    Hi Guys God/religion is the crutch of the insecure. Regards Dereck
  18. Dereck

    There's still a Brit with balls.

    Hi We once had a Jewish guy in the shop who was being quite objectionable and I told him that if Hilter had done a "proper job" we wouldn't have all the trouble in the Middle East, geeez... that was like a red rag to a bull. He flew off in a mad rage saying he was goiong to kill me, my...
  19. Dereck

    Plug Wires

    Hi Pepperman Don't know if they are under $100 but I would go with Motorcraft wires, fitted them to mine 60,000 miles ago and no problems. Take care Dereck