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  1. craigh

    Looking for an automatic headlight sensor for my Gen 1

    I have replaced the sensor before and it did fix the issue with the head lights. Hoping that is still the issue.
  2. craigh

    Looking for an automatic headlight sensor for my Gen 1

    Thank you! This helps. Initial searches are turning up nothing. This might end up being a junkyard hunt.
  3. craigh

    Looking for an automatic headlight sensor for my Gen 1

    Might anyone have a source for one?
  4. craigh

    Manual 5 speed owners?

    Have you posted the list?
  5. craigh

    2007 MKZ Headlight swap to HID questions

    Linc615 Thank you for your insight. Reading through this you got me off center and gave me hope that this will work. Dug into this again yesterday and discovered that the HID will come on until the car starts up, then it goes off. Digging deeper I discovered that they HID setup has an extra...
  6. craigh

    2007 MKZ Headlight swap to HID questions

    My 2007 MKZ has base headlights in it and they are broken and will not align. Found a pair of HID headlights off a 2009 MKZ and went to install them this weekend. Huge pain to do this. Electrical plugs match up and I was able to get one of them in. Worked when I tested it before I got it all...
  7. craigh

    Coolant Reservoir / Overheating

    I just put in an aluminum reservoir. As I have looked at comments over the years I don't believe anyone has had any complains or issues with them. Fairly straight forward install. Took about an hour or so. The trick to replacing the reservoir is to remove the bottom hose from the connection...
  8. craigh

    06 LS Idle stays high when I first start it.

    Awesome work in troubleshooting this issue and thank you for posting it here. Out of curiosity what year and motor is your LS?
  9. craigh

    Stainless Steel Bakes Lines - Any Problems with Fitments?

    I have the Stoptech stainless lines on my LS. From what I remember there was not a fitment problem but I did need to do a little figuerng out how to get them to work. Honestly don't remember the issue, it is not a perfect replacement but just made from Stainless Steel. Just get what is...
  10. craigh

    Hydraulic Fan Pump Actuator in Detail Failure

    Probably for the same reason that there is not a filter on the power steering system. But it is a good thought.
  11. craigh

    Question about replacing the radiator

    Got the radiator done yesterday and I did take it to the shop where I work and use the lift. I was glad I did that. Just so others know, the radiator needed to come out the bottom of the car. The reason for this is that the lower mounting bracket on the radiator extends to the back of the...
  12. craigh

    Question about replacing the radiator

    Milehighmikey - your insight and experience is much appreciated. I was just about to pull the car into the garage and do this at home, but with what you are saying I am going to take it over to the shop I work at. They have an air conditioner machine and I can easily capture the R134. The...
  13. craigh

    Question about replacing the radiator

    '00 V6 5 Speed Manual. Replacing the radiator in the next couple days and I have a question. I read through the process per the Ford shop manual and it does say to remove the air conditioning condenser. I suspect that this does not really need to be done as the radiator looks fairly simple...
  14. craigh

    Will window tint affect the auto headlamp sensor?

    Thanks Joe. I did not know they were discontinued. I will put this on my junkyard pull list from now on.
  15. craigh

    Will window tint affect the auto headlamp sensor?

    Milehighmikey I feel kind of stupid after reading your response as I should have thought of that myself. Needless to say, I thank you. So I did test it with the windows down in full sun and the light are staying on. So not a tint related issue and I am seeking a new sensor. I have...
  16. craigh

    Will window tint affect the auto headlamp sensor?

    Joegr Windshield was not tinted. That kind of was the reason for my post. Without the windshield tinted has anyone else noticed a change in the automatic headlight operation.
  17. craigh

    Will window tint affect the auto headlamp sensor?

    Just did a 30% tint on all the windows except the windshield. Been noticing that my headlamps are coming on during the day. Wondering if the tint might be the cause. Has anyone noticed this happening after tinting the windows?
  18. craigh

    For Sale McLaren Grille looking to trade for a Wings West Spoiler

    Like the title says, I am looking to trade a McLaren Grille for a Wings West Spoiler for the LS. Please do not ask me to sell it, trade only. I purchased the Grille new on Ebay about years ago. I did paint it black but used crappy paint and it is chipped and cracked. All mounting tabs are...
  19. craigh

    Periodic Codes: P0420, P0193

    Mikey, what did you use for adapters for this? Did you just use washers? How far out to you need to move the sensor for this to work? I am getting a P0430 code right now and would like to try this. Nevermind, I found them. Interesting idea that I am going to try.