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    Opinions on 2001 LS

    Thinking about going from my 1995 Mark VIII to a 2001 LS with a manual transmission. Don't know the mileage, but the price may be right. Been seeing a lot of problems regarding coil packs, ball joints, and window motors/ misc electrical issues. Looking for honest opinions regarding...
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    Thinking about an Eldorado

    Perhaps I was not clear... I need the extra trunk space for my speaker cabinet for my bass guitar. I will be using it to transport me and my gear to gigs pretty much every weekend. Squeezing it into the back seat of the Mark VIII is a pain in the keister. The Mark is becoming problematic...
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    Thinking about an Eldorado

    I currently have a 1995 Mark VIII, but I'm thinking about switching to an Eldorado. The main reason is for the trunk. I can't fit my speaker cabinet in the Lincoln trunk... What are the years to stay away from? What are common problems? Pro's an Con's? Who had Wheaties for...