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    Official LS Picture Thread

    Dude the fogs can't be that expensive. Lol, just messing with you.
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    Official LS Picture Thread

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    Official LS Picture Thread

    2001 LSV8 ; 159,264 miles ; $2,864.75 Plan to buy performance brakes, get the Mach 1 lip, a K&N replacement intake filter and throw my dad's used Flowmaster mufflers on (maybe). Went to junkyard and now have rear deck speakers and amplifier, woohoo!
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    First time luxury owner. 2001 Lincoln LSV8!

    Hello to all. I've had my LS for about a month. It's been great but have now had a minor wreck and decided to join LVC. I come from a long line of gearheads. My dad currently owns a '78 Corvette which sits in the garage year after year... I had an '87 Celica GT 5-speed at one point. Used...