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    Cooling fan

    Has anyone converted an 2001 ls hydra cooling fan to an electric one. Please let me know Mine started leaking and is very expensive to fix so figure if I was going to spend that kind of money I would switch to something that wasn't such a power robber. Thanks jeff
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    I'm stumped

    It's a 2001 with 160000 miles. Love the car been kinda like a rock.
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    I'm stumped

    No can't hear it hissing but I can look into the bottle being cracked. It sounds alot better then what I was thinking a leaking head gasket. Any other ideas let me know and thanks again for the new direction.
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    I'm stumped

    Well here it goes. My car over heated all the sudden so I shut car off and later ended up changing the thermostat and antifreeze. So no more problems but then a couple weeks later it read high temps again and looked there was a puddle of antifreeze under front driver side door so added more...
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    passenger door panel

    hey I've got a brand new 01 black door panel assembly in the box from Ford. Bought with the swap coming but ended up selling the car so looking for someone wanting to buy it. It cost about 600.00 new I know thats alot but I'm looking to just sell it for a resonable offer. So if your...
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    ignition problem

    is there anyway I could see if my car has the recall done already.
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    ignition problem

    well I guess i can try to explain the best I can and go from there. Put the key in the ignition and turn it and the interior lights and radio turn on but the engine does'nt turn over. So turn the key back mess with the gear indicator and turn the key , Nothing. Turn the key back to off and...
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    switchblade key

    you can count on me also for one or two
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    Need Help brake SQUEEK

    I'm sending this thread to check to see if anyone has done a brake job and still might havethe shims laying around or know where to get some from, I checked the local savage yards with no luck I need 2 or for one rotor. I really don't want to buy the pads from Ford at 160.00 when all I need is...
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    Brake Squeek

    So my wife was driving her car after we had the brakes done and it was squeeking so I finally took everything apart to put some of the lube they sell for that problem. So I did all of them and noticed that the hold in clips on the caliper braket were missing and that is where the squeek is...
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    code question

    so i changed the #4 coil and the stuter and 50 miles an hour is no longer there but the other surge is there, and the code still kicks back P0354.:confused:
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    code question

    so what is that and where is it located, dealer fix only or can I do this repair. thanks for the codes info.
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    code question

    I have a miss on my o1 V8, so i ran the codes and they came back 304 and 354, I know 304 coil is bad on 4, but what the hell is 354 the dealer wont tell of course unless they run there on check. So now I'm hoping one of you know what it is and how to fix. Thanks in advance Jeff
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    2001 ls problems

    hey I have a 2001 balck on black also, no tranny problems, a shifter problem with it reading d4 and2 coils going out not related to the valve cover leaking oil. No other problems, I have put 20's, Eibach springs, reverse glow gauges, Power slot rotors with hawk pads, an after market alarm and...
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    Need a new shifter

    My shifter wont down shift to fourth, so I had a friend run it at Ford and it came back with the internet shifter components are bad, so now I'm looking for a non sst shifter. Hopefully someone has one and does'nt want alot for it. Anyways it my wifes car and she does'nt want SST just in case...
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    rim/tire size help!

    I have 8.5x20 for mine with 255/35/20, no rubbing unless a big bump and loaded but just in the rear.
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    Shifter Setup

    for all of you intersted in upgrading your shifter setup, here's one on ebay. http:// sorry if this did'nt let you point and click.
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    Cali Heads Unite!!!!!!!

    Hey I'm from Bakersfield and I might be down for a small trip, left me know on date,time, and place and I'll go from there
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    WTB Woodgrain Trim

    hey i have a blank piece with no holes, it's the size of the stereo piece. If your interested I'll make you the deal of the century on it if you are.
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    door locks

    hey in the last couple af days my passenger side door lock unlocks and lock by remote or interior button some of the time. Sometimes it work and other times it does'nt. Is it just the selinoid going out or somthing worse. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem so any help would be...