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    Forged rebuild or swap?

    You want a lot of power but heavy cars really need torque. I don't know if you'd even be able to use 400hp any better in real road conditions than a tweaked 5.4 which is a lot of engine for a Town Car. Sure it has more weight, but with some better breathing it could really move your car. Shorty...
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    windows wont go up or down ;(

    Could it be a relay or maybe the switch that has a bad contact? In some cars you have to pull out the door trim and troubleshoot the wiring. Maybe others here can help out and you can also check out the forum where such topics have been discussed extensively for identical platform...
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    Spam Hi Brian, Are you the owner or do you only work there? Vic
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    Air Suspension

    Spam Hi Brian, Are you the owner or do you only work there? Vic
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    Which motors will fit?

    Hi Alien, I think that any SOHC 5.4 will fit in using the original engine mounts. And actually with a heavier Town Car a higher torque 5.4 will be a nice upgrade. There are several versions of that engine and the truck ones are quite a bit heavier, but that's more than offset by the extra low...
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    99 TC gauge cluster - thx for help!

    Hi V-Tally, So I'll go ahead with that parts network. It's really rough what happened and you should give your father as much undivided attention as possible. My old man died of that same thing. Nowadays they actually have a new gizmo if he's gotten hit really bad, it is an implanted box that...
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    Drive or OD?

    I've driven 4.6 panthers for the past 18 years and always use OD. However I think it is largely dependent on your axle ratio (gears) and your wheel size. It all comes down to what rpm's you are running at the speeds you are driving. If I had high gearing and big 18" wheels with tall sidewalls I...
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    Forged rebuild or swap?

    I'd go with a cleaner used 5.4 which although a good bit heavier will give you more low end torque which is what our cars like best. I went the opposite route with my 93 Crown Vic with a 4-valve engine for a Marauder, but I think that the bang for the buck is getting low end on these cars. FWIW...
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    2006 Designer Series Town Car

    @driller You've found my dream car if only we could afford such a gem. It really is the ultimate keeper and you'll be hard pressed to ever find a car to replace it. Did the Designer Series only last for 2006 and what extra features does it add over the regular Signature cars? I'll scout for...
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    What is Your Favorite Town Car Style?

    I actually prefer the 98 to 02 model over the last of the series. This is despite the 03-10 having cleaner lines: the first of the rounded Town Cars has what I call "Classic Car Looks" meaning that it already looks like it will be parked in a Collector Car concours d'elegance line-up at this...
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    99 TC gauge cluster - thx for help!

    Possible source for online "pulled parts" purchase? Hi V-Tally, That's mighty good of you to offer such help to other forum members here - extra cool! There are cars they made lots of but they are located in certain places more than others. I know lots are around New York, some in Boston while...
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    Making a Hot Rod Lincoln

    You can also downsize the wheels to 16 inch rims as long as they match the lug pattern and fit over the brakes. This will give you lighter unsprung weight for handling and a lower ride, not to mention the same improvement as increasing your rear axle torque except that here you do it at the end...
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    2001 to 2003 conversion

    It isn't the same platform and a number of the parts won't fit. You can always try but I doubt all will work as if it were just a year change style exercise. Good luck... Vic
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    TC front grill.

    This happens as the coating is really as thin and cheap as it gets. You can find a fresh grille from a wrecker or else spring big bucks at the dealership but I am afraid there are no cost effective treatments or coating repair methods when it starts to go to pot. Vic
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    Polyeurethane Bushings for 99 TC - Anyone tried these for the sway bar bushings

    This is something all of us might want to try out. I think that however you might be on your own experimenting with solutions. Of course you can always cruise on over to where they have some cool suspension mod sections for the same car's panther platform. Keep us posted on what you...
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    Head light swap.

    Hi kbs2244, I agree, while I much prefer our rounder more classic look (mine is an identical 1999) the headlights make the Town Car look a whole lot cooler on the later model cars. I also would want to do much the same thing if it is feasible. Let's keep each other informed if this thread goes...
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    Exhaust question for panther owners

    Scott, Thanks for that Gas Cap advice, I'll try that before swapping out my own cats. Also I'd hope to move up to dual exhaust if I find a junkyard with a car that has it... Cheers, Vic
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    Heres a video of my TC 2000 :D

    Nice Ride, that's the condition and miles we all dream of. Congrats and cuddos for that cool ride video. Vic
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    99 TC gauge cluster - thx for help!

    Thanks for the LEAD ! ! ! Hi V-Tally, Thanks for the advice. I would do that but I am quite a ways up North, not far from the Canadian border in the State of Vermont. There are precious few Town Cars up here and even less junkyards around. I will however take your advice but it isn't...
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    99 TC gauge cluster - thx for help!

    Hi Guys, I've sold the 99 Continental because its torque oversteer scared me and it was so cushy and comfortable at high speed that I kept getting tickets thinking I was cruising slowly... Now that the grieving is over I am trying to fix up and detail my 99 Town Car to equal pristine...