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    For Sale 1956 Continental Mark II

    Hello All, have a question for everybody. I have a set of four NOS really nice original hubcaps for a 1956 Continental MkII with the original OEM steel wheels to match. I would like to offer these for sale but am unsure the best place to advertise. Is Hemmings still a good option or has...
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    '96 Mk VIII parts available

    Hi All, Something kinda strange has happened here with this 1996 Lincoln Mk-VIII which I now call Snowball due to it’s white exterior color. This car originally appeared here as a parts donor for another car and I was attempting to sell body parts and the engine/trans, intending to just toss...
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    '96 Mk VIII parts available

    Hello driller. The paint code on the car is WK but as far as the outside mirrors go it is downhill from there. Both mirror housings have been repainted at some point in a slightly different white than original and they are not in great shape. Right side / passenger side mirror is slightly...
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    What about my status ?

    What about my status ?
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    '96 Mk VIII parts available

    Hello All out there in Lincoln Mk VIII land. I am a new member located out here in the "Left" coast in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornika. Have a regular model 1996 Mk VIII parts donor in pearl white ? which will be available for lots of parts as soon as the engine is sold and removed. If you...