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    Help requested

    Since i'm sure the fuel filter hasn't been changed on this car how much of a pain in the neck is that? Might as well consider other maintenance while i'm at it you know
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    Help requested

    Do these part numbers look correct for 2004 Gen2 parts AUX pump 1W4H-18D474-AA DCCV (YG378) 2R8Z-18495-AA Degas bottle 5W4Z-8A080-AA T-stat, T-stat housing, and coolant crossover pipe were replaced by an independant shop in november
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    Help requested

    From reading the guide located at is see the instructions for the degas bottle, DCCV, and Aux Water pump call for the radiator to be drain and a specialty tool RADKITPLUS 078-00497 (ST2b1b-a) to be used. Is this truelly need or is there another way to do this.
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    Help requested

    I have a number of cooling system parts that are dying (DCCV, Aux pump, and i suspect Degas bottle). I lack alot of the tools needed to do the work and space to do the work. Is there anyone near the Des Moines, IA area that would be willing to help out once the weather warms up?
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    Cooling system problems

    Well finally got bite by the useless cooling system on the LS (2004 3.9L in this case). Needing to replace the DCCV and auxiliary water pump. From what i understand the aux pump is a dealer only part and expensive. Or was i informed wrong on this one? As for the DCCV i do see there are 3rd...
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    For Sale Parting out two Lincoln's

    the grill on the LS in good shape and two pieces? if so how much?
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    For Sale parting out a 04 lincoln ls v8

    You have the grille. If so what condition is it in. 1 or 2 piece? cost Overhead console, Steering wheel, and Shift Knob prices
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    For Sale 2001 ls v8

    how much for the grille?
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    wasn't today but a little over a week ago. 4 new duralast rotors, duralast gold cmax pads/hardware (front&rear) and 4 Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 tires.
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    Winter Projects? Who's Doing What?

    unfortunately not much as my furnace died. It must be replaced as my wife runs a daycare out of our home. :(
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    2000 lincoln ls emblem dimensions

    he's likely wanting to do something similar to this
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    Fs:ls gen2 headlight-grille-gen 1 parts

    1 or 2 pcs grille?
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    LS parts FS update

    how much for the grill?
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    Name your price for stock '05 grill?

    Yes some more pictures would be great.
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    time for new suspension

    here is a thread on those Dragon fire coils
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    Build Log - Blemish

    Wish i would have taken more pictures. Unfortunately the front emblem was broken while I was driving on the interstate this weekend. Atleast the rock hit the emblem rather than the windshield. The adhesive I used on the rear emblem is already giving away so i will be removing both this week...
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    Build Log - Blemish

    Well life likes to eat money. Having problems with power steering looks like the pump is going out. In addition to that non-car related my central air died at the end of summer. So no money to do anything till those things are fixed. Guess i will be fixing that Farenheit HU I have. Been so...
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    Gauge Interest: Clear acrylic hood.

    a window in the hood would be neat for showing off the engine cover on the 2nd gen LS. Wonder what kind of cost this will have to it?
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    (Off Topic) Current Dream Car

    for me it would be either a copy of the Buick Blackhawk concept from 2003 or 1938 Phantom Corsair