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    98 Eldorado.

    ...Water pump???
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    Double Din Dvd Player In Eldo 96?

    Welcome to the Forum! Get a tape measure or a ruler, measure the unit, then measure the desired location...:shifty:
  3. 1995 Cadilac Eldorado

    1995 Cadilac Eldorado

    ...need 2 re-size pic.
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    1988 Eldorado Dash An Heat controlls

    Sounds like there is a short somewhere...:(
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    MY CAR is FAT diet ?????

    A pic or two would help...
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    Turn Signal Lever

    Thanks for the info.
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    Turn Signal Lever

    That's what they all say...
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    Turn Signal Lever

    There is a turn signal return cam located in the steering colum. Mine is broken... will fix at a later date if I fix it at all.
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    interior lights

    What year Cadillac Eldorado? There not all the same.
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    Whining noise?

    Lest ye all forget... I have an '88 Eldorado.
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    Whining noise?

    Tnx. for all the info. The refrigerant is low, but i'm gonna get a new compressor put in before this one siezes up. Oh yeah, and top off the refrigerant...
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    Whining noise?

    I did notice that the message center alerts me that the a/c is low, so it turns off the compressor. (when i use the de-froster)
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    Maryland State Inspection

    It's the Inspection that is required upon title transfer. It's good for as long as you own the car. They give you a temp tag. mine runs out at the end of nov.
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    Maryland State Inspection

    Took the Eldorado to get inspected...Front Struts(2) bad, Rear Shocks(2) bad, Rear Tires(2) bad,Turn signal self cancel, bad, 3rd Brake light bad, Top rear park light bad, tag light(s) bad,wiper blades(2) bad, Drivers seat bad, motor mounts Front bad. Other than the items listed, she's perfect...
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    Low Coolant...A/C Off

    Yes that would do the trick. The next question is how did the system get clogged?
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    where can i find an overhead console..

    What color do ya need? If I find one, I can scoop it up for ya!
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    Whining noise?

    Yes. It's on the pass. side will check on sat. tnx!
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    Whining noise?

    As long as the motor is running, i hear the noise...
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    Whining noise?

    Ha! Seriously, she's Italian. But I hear the noise even when I ride solo. Pitch goes higher with the rpm's...
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    Power Antenna for a 1998 Eldo~

    Yep! Also any local auto parts store.