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  1. PenGun

    How to replace antifreeze in Lincoln MARK VIII?

    Just pop a frost plug. That will get rid of most of the block coolant. ;)
  2. PenGun

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    If you don't have jackstands go buy some. Its a basic tool everyone who works on their cars should have. A set of ramps is very handy too.
  3. PenGun

    My first Mark VIII Project

    All Mark VIIIs have a TPS.
  4. PenGun

    My first Mark VIII Project

    I just Googled a stock Mark VIII rear end and got 3.08. Close enough. You don't see how fast your cars go? Must be an old school thing. ;) I dunno, I used to field a Cutlass with a 502 and a fairly tall rear end. The front end started to lift off around 135 and it was far too exciting to go...
  5. PenGun

    My first Mark VIII Project

    The computer mainly. My W3Z2 allows unlimited speed and I get 6 grand in first gear. She has done 240 Km/h, almost lost the sun roof. ;) The 3.08 rear end makes fast easy and I think it has the best performance out of the box. They steadily nerfed that as they produced more cars. They took a...
  6. PenGun

    My first Mark VIII Project

    Yeah Gen 2s are slugs. Its fine, they are lovely cars. ;)
  7. PenGun

    And Another Rock Auto Special
  8. PenGun

    Land Speed Record Holder Mark VIII (182 MPH)

    Yeah Gen Ones are fast. ;)
  9. PenGun

    Driving a 2018 Ford fiesta with no key ignition Vs a Mark 8 keyed ignition

    LOL. I have a 2017 Fiesta SFE with the 998cc motor. Its just a hoot to drive and I'm down to one tank a month. Tiny turbos rule. ;) Mine did not come with that option and I don't care one way or the other. ;)
  10. PenGun

    For Sale Gen One Goodies

    Alright my bits are not moving. I have a Shop Manual, and OBD1 reader and the book that goes with it. I have a wooden shifter too which just feels and looks deluxe. I also have a W3Z2 ECU. Now that's the prime gen one computer. No speed limit and you can have 6 grand in first gear. I want $50...
  11. PenGun

    For Sale 93 Mark VIII Shop Manual and OBD1 Reader

    Manual is $40 and the reader is $20. Both in good shape.
  12. PenGun

    For Sale Scrapping my Gen 1 Mark

    It will go soon. Make offers for whatever. I have a factory manual and a wooden shifter from Alex. Sad to see it go but I have a new Fiesta SFE, an amazing car, and my 87 Samurai so it's time. A nice car with a good motor and tranny, no major damage and I wish I had more money.
  13. PenGun

    Bougt a Fiesta

    Oh good idea, a picture. Red for my midlife crisis, I'm a bit late for that. ;)
  14. PenGun

    Bougt a Fiesta

    If anyone needs a cheap little car, these things are awesome. I have about 300 km on it and I'm impressed. Amazing low end torque and short shifting is the way. Get on it and it gets down the road real quick. Great handling and good suspension, soaks up my crappy backcountry roads well. A little...
  15. PenGun

    Bougt a Fiesta

    A bit OT but I will pick it up next week. A 1 liter Ecoboost 5 speed hatch, hard to find here on Vancouver Island. So it comes at 125hp and 145 ft/lbs in a 1000kg package. One can pull about 170hp without getting into new bits. Impressive motors, they really are. My Sammy will get Vintage...
  16. PenGun

    Another Rock Auto Deal

    Yeah it's pretty good. I got a left rear caliper for $19 last year. It's fer sale, basically $20 + shipping.
  17. PenGun

    Another Rock Auto Deal

    Wholesale Closeout Parts : 1993 LINCOLN MARK VIII 4.6L V8
  18. PenGun

    Speaker Swap - Suggestions Please

    I bought a set of these: JL Audio C5-570 Never installed them though. Gave them to my son, for his prelude.
  19. PenGun

    How can the radio drain the battery??

    That stuff is actually fairly easy to do yourself. You need a meter that does amps and you remove one terminal on the battery and put the meter between the terminal and the battery wire. That gives you the current from the battery and you can see whether it's too much from that number. There...
  20. PenGun

    Rock Auto Closeout Stuff

    Buy something from them. I have bought maybe 3 or 4 Mk VIII parts from them, just small stuff, well except for the LR caliper I bought from another alert. Still for sale $20 + shipping. ;) I do have an account as well.