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  1. BigT

    98 Mark VIII LSC

  2. BigT

    98 Mark VIII LSC

    89500 miles LMS Mass Air LMS Cone Air Filter LMS Cold Air Box Air ride compressor replaced. Normal wear and tear items have been replaced. The rest is all original. I bought it from original owner 6 or 7 years ago with 34K on it. Everything but the CD changer works. Extra changer goes...
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    Garage Clean Out

    Is the CD changer gone? T
  4. BigT

    Gen 2 stuff for sale from parted 97 lsc

    Do you have the 10 disc cd changer?
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    Spray Dye Leather Interior

    Check out this place their leather care products are second to none. I haven't used the dye yet but the cleaner and conditioner is fantastic. I am buying a 96 Vette with a black leather interior that needs to be cleaned and conditioned. When I get it I can do a little "how...
  6. BigT

    Anybody interested in a Harley?

    I have a Harley Softail with less than 3000 miles on it that I need to sell. If you are interested send me a PM or email me at and I'll get you photos and info. Thanks, Tom
  7. BigT

    Random no start

    I get a rapid flashing of the anti-theft light when I try to start it. I have fuel pressure but no spark. Originally had anti-theft codes but they were cleared when the shop thought they had fixed the problem with two bad ground wires on the steering column. It will run fine when it starts but...
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    Random no start

    As of today no codes.
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    Random no start

    I have a 98 LSC that seems to have a mind of it's own. It cranks fine but will not fire. It has fuel pressure but no spark and I have replaced the crank sensor. When it won't start it cranks quickly and the anti-theft light blinks. It may not start for a whole day or only an hour it doesn't...
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    95-98 factory stereo and 10 disc changer

    I may be interested in the changer only but I need to check something first. Thanks,
  11. BigT

    Another Rare Mark VIII

    Nothing! The Black 98 Mark VIII is the most common of all 98 Mark VIIIs with over 23% of production.
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    Are you getting a check engine light? If you are see if you can get someone to check the codes and see what is wrong. If it is like what mine did it was 2 bad spark plug boots. Mine happened after I changed plugs. The boots get brittle with heat and age and crack easy when you pull them off the...
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    My guess is there is some moisture in one of the spark plug boots and when the motor is cold it shorts out but when the motor gets warm the moisture evaporates and the short goes away. Check the back plug on the drivers side.
  14. BigT

    LMS chip vs superchip

    I have the LMS chip and I am very satisfied with it. You get great customer service from Geno at LMS.
  15. BigT

    Car Show Hotties

    There sure is a lot of aftermarket front bumper addons in those pics. Imagine what you could do with your car with the money that was spent on them. But they are some nice eye candy.
  16. BigT

    Teach a old dog new tricks

    I agree with the SilverStars for the high beams.
  17. BigT

    good start too upgrade??

    I have both plus the K&N cone filter from Geno at Lincoln Motorsports and my car runs fantastic!
  18. BigT

    question about paint coat

    I agree with the Meguiar's NXT wax I have used it on several cars that I detail as a side job and it looks great. If you want your car to look great take it to a pro detailer and get it clayed, buffed and waxed then get some Meguiar's NXT wax keep it looking great yourself.
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    Stainless Steel Mufflers

    Hey Geno, You ARE getting old!!
  20. BigT

    1997 Lincoln : Mark Series A MUST SEE

    Looks like mine but mine don't need to have all those worn out or broken parts replaced and mine only has 54K on it.