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  1. Bullschmidt

    What did you do to your LS today?

    I took the cover off and looked at it. Then ate lunch
  2. Bullschmidt

    Official: Stance Coilover Thread

    Based on the lack of sales I wouldn't be surprised if they never made them ever again. Did they tell you anything about their future availability
  3. Bullschmidt

    Turbo kit thread

    Is it done yet?
  4. Bullschmidt

    Waiting Room

    For anyone who doesn't know and isn't on the social media platforms. Rollin totaled his LS. He is okay and has no life threatening injuries, hospitalization, etc
  5. Bullschmidt

    Official: Stance Coilover Thread

    Moot point. Nothing to worry about, they will be fine.
  6. Bullschmidt

    Official: Stance Coilover Thread

  7. Bullschmidt

    Turbo kit thread

    Happy 5th Anniversary. 5 years....34 it done yet????
  8. Bullschmidt

    G-Rell's goodbye to my LVC family

    Be careful out there. God speed G-Rell.
  9. Bullschmidt

    List Needed!

    Pretty comprehensive list Frank. Car was a 05' LSE with Ultimate Trim. Not originally an LSE obviously. Others items you missed: - Replaced all bulbs with LED's from VLED - Trunk Lip Spoiler - Roof Spoiler (Not shown in any pictures) - Custom mounted hideaway front plate bracket - Torrie Tune...
  10. Bullschmidt

    List Needed!

    Ha! Don't get me wrong. That's basically the only thing I've purchased for the car
  11. Bullschmidt

    List Needed!

    I tend to only use paper bills. Coins for sure can cause some damage
  12. Bullschmidt

    List Needed!

  13. Bullschmidt

    List Needed!

  14. Bullschmidt

    Anyone in or close to Toronto have access to wheel studs for a 2004 Lincoln LS V8?,2002,ls,3.9l+v8,1387188,wheel/tire,lug+stud,7680 Same for both gens. $1.25 a piece If you just broke one I wouldn't be super concerned to drive around with 4 lugs on for a few days till it arrived. Just be careful. This is a whole lot better then $75...
  15. Bullschmidt

    Anyone in or close to Toronto have access to wheel studs for a 2004 Lincoln LS V8?

    Have you checked your local part stores? I've replaced a few and got them off RockAuto for under $2 a piece.
  16. Bullschmidt

    Loved the LS but it was time to move on....

    Sad to see another long time member leave us. But I understand. Good luck Dave!
  17. Bullschmidt

    No Deneau???

    Step 2: Sell LS on craigslist for $2,000. Put money towards down payment on new car. Anybody have owlmans phone number?
  18. Bullschmidt

    Thinking about making the first LS coupe. Should I go for it?

    Let's finish other ambitious projects first. Alax7 I'm looking at you...
  19. Bullschmidt

    Insurance coverage - fill or liability ?

    I recently changed mine from full comprehensive to just liability. Being that my LS isn't worth much at all, and I barely drive it, I'm willing to take the gamble.
  20. Bullschmidt

    Members need to chill.

    Can I come to if I dig my pink shirt out of my closet? I know BigRig is a big fan of it