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    Wtf is going on??

    something else to look at will be the pcv elbow. it will cause all that shaking and abnormal rough idling and such. they fail quite often.
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    shift knob for 00 lincoln ls manual 5 speed,.....

    having a huge problem getting the shift knob off of my 5 speed manual LS. can anyone help me out with this issue? thank you in advance.
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    Official LS Picture Thread

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    2000 Lincoln Ls Overheating and Leaking Coolant

    hey i have a 2000 lincoln LS and i had similar issues. everytime i would be stuck in a drive thru or heavy traffic it would overheat and i would have the coolant leak out. it drove me nuts. i replaced the coolant cap, the thermostat, i bled it a couple of times still overheated. my problem was...
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    wont go into gear!! help:(

    did u have any luck with your clutch? i am having an issue with the slave cylinder i believe and i cannot locate it or find a part number. i could use some help.
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    2000 lincoln ls slave cylinder

    hello i need a little assistance. my 2000 lincoln ls sport 5 speed clutch pedal wont spring back when shifting. i suspect the slave cylinder but cant locate it. does anyone know where i can find it? some people are saying that it is inside the clutch and transmission housing but in my experience...
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    Mclaren grilles

    is there any more mclaren grilles? or will you be making any more? if so i am all in. i have one already on my car but i need and extra one just in case.
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    rear differential seals and bearings

    trying to find the directions and kit for the removal of the 2000 lincoln ls sport bearings and seals for the rear differential. i have everything for the axle and hub removal but need to know how to replace the seals and bearings. i would like to replace everything when i do the axles. thank...
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    hey i need a set of 2000 lincoln ls emblem overlays. they should be with a duke "D" logo...

    hey i need a set of 2000 lincoln ls emblem overlays. they should be with a duke "D" logo stretched in royal blue with a black background and a set with that same logo in a white with a blue background.
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    2000 lincoln ls emblem dimensions

    the one for the front grille.
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    2000 lincoln ls emblem dimensions

    hello everyone. i am looking for the dimensions for a 2000 lincoln ls emblem. i am currently overseas and away from my vehicle. i want to get a company to make me a set of decals to cover the emblem. can anyone assist me in the numbers? thank you in advance for your assistance.
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    mclaren grille

    looking for a mclaren grille and a lower mclaren grille for my 2000 lincoln ls. can anyone help me out?
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    Painted Emblems

    i need a black backgrown with a royal (duke university) blue star. quote me the price plus shipping for a set coming to 23518 zip code.
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    aftermarket stereo

    thanks again! e-city is short for a tiny ass town in virginia "emporia". i have been to canada though and i loved it! my wife has family in alberta crows nest pass! wanted to move there lol!
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    aftermarket stereo

    will it fit a 2000 lincoln ls though?
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    aftermarket stereo

    thanks man.
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    aftermarket stereo

    hello ls fanatics, i am looking to install an aftermarket stereo in my 2000 lincoln ls. i put a cheesy double din monitor and it doesn't totally fit clean enough actually it isnt clean at all. wanted to find something along the lines of a touch screen flip out monitor. i am very open to ideas...
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    tail light blackening

    those tail lights are sick! got some VHT just never ever applied it. thanks a lot!
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    pcv elbow

    does anyone have the part number to the pcv elbow?
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    tail light blackening

    looking for some ideas on blacking out the tail lights. i want to spray them rather than cover them. thinking about putting some led tail light bulbs to help with the illumination. any ideas?