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  1. 97 Octane

    Fuel economy question.

    I have a '94 and a '97 Mark. When I do drive my Marks, they're mostly driven within the city and average about 16-18mpg but I don't drive them as much as before. The best mpg between my two Marks was with my '94 on a long round trip, with only me and my wife in the car, driving from Chattanooga...
  2. 97 Octane

    1995 Indigo Lights/Black LSC Progress

    Didn't realize you ended up with Alans Cadillac V calipers. It was a while back, when I went to his house and he was able to show me how he was able to make those fit his Mark VIII. Just amazed how much mechanical talent he and others like you have done with our cars. Can't wait to see more...
  3. 97 Octane

    gas door button

    Glad to help!
  4. 97 Octane

    gas door button

    There is a replacement part that should be available from a nearby auto part store. #901-350
  5. 97 Octane

    Mark VIII Correct Power Steering Fluid?

    Flushed mine a couple years ago. Fluid was brown also. Refilled the reservoire with Castrol GTX Mercon V Transmission Fluid. No ill effects since.
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    How do I get off the ground?

    Can you get a hold of a lifting bladder? Just tuck it under the car and inflate it until the frame is high enough off the ground for you to slip a jack under it.
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    1995 mark viii headlight options?

    The cap in the low beam reflector in our Mark is there to reduce glare to on-coming traffic while using conventional bulbs that emits omni-directional light dispersion like that of incandescent, halogen or even high-intensity. The cap just blocks the unfocused, forward emitting light while the...
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    mark viii speaker install

    I have a '94 and the rear deck does not have any precut holes specifically for speakers. There are, however, a series of triangle and rectangle cutouts large enough to fit a set of speakers up to 4" in diameter using adapters but nothing large enough there to simply drop a 5-1/4" or larger...
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    1995 mark viii headlight options?

    Welcome to the forum! You have a few options; You can buy a pair of (NOS) new/old stock headlight assembly, which by the way, tend to be expensive. Buy a used pair that is in better condition than what you have now for significantly less than the cost of NOS. or... Recondition the pair you...
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    Exhaust too loud with Flowmasters

    Long ago, a friend of mine warned me about Flowmasters so I have never really considered them and upon hearing a set on a vehicle convinced me to go with another muffler. As with any free-flowing muffler designs, some increase in cabin noise volume is to be expected. To counter the increased...
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    Exhaust too loud with Flowmasters

    I converted my stock '97 mufflers to a pair of, 2-1/2" inlet and outlet, Magnaflow 11376 straight through mufflers and I claim to have nearly OEM exhaust sound except when I stomp on the gas. I noticed better performance too. I sometimes get compliments on the sound when I'm at the gas station...
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    Rear window rubber seal rippling

    Welcome to the forum! Yeah, that old rear window seal (window trim) turns to what we commonly refer to as 'lasagna' when the trim has been exposed to sunlight after many years. Most owners just live with it but some get creative at hiding the wavy rubber seal. John Temple, a member here, sells...
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    Hello LVC, I'm back!

    BAD97LSC Welcome back, Jamie That's a beautiful color on your LSC!
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    Lowering Car with Stock Bags

    I thought I would post it here since it is relevant to this topic. PSA - There could be a potential problem with regard to losing control of your M8 when driving at higher than normal highway speed after sensor lowering your car with stock bags! This topic has never really been discussed here...
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    Koni Rear Shocks (8041-1202 sport)

    The Koni 8041 1202Sport (ext 19.09" / col 11.8") is nearly the same spec as the Monroe Sensa Trac 5950 (ext 19.13" / col 11.88") which I'm using on my lowered '97 now. Although the 5950 does a great job providing a nice spirited driving experience with my custom airspring setup, I'm looking for...
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    Octane: Pic - Rear airbag mod

    Yes, I did a wheel alignment after I did this mod. Thread wear on my tires have been pretty even to date. As far as wear, I haven't noticed any parts wear since the installation. -Ren
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    Long time no see!

    I haven't been around lately either. With a son who's almost two and a busy schedule, I still manage pop in here and lurk from time to time. I'm glad you and Sapp/JD are doing great. Yours is a wonderful business success story that needs to be told: in a book maybe? But, we here at LvC, are...
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    center console mod

    I'll be doing a '98 black interior swap to my aging '94s interior, but I am going to have to SEM dye some of the original '94 parts like the console.
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    iPhone to Pioneer stereo double din

    -"I want to buy one of these stereos, and say like myself, me owning an iPhone 6 +, I'm told there's 3 ways hooking up your phone to the stereo. Bluetooth, use cable, and a "super" cable or something like that. I'm told if you use either of the first 2, you can run just music on your phone to...
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    That placement has worked for me so far : Radar detector on the lower left of the rearview mirror and dashcam on the upper right of rvm. Post more pic when you're done.