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    Need information on air ride

    This video should help.
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    airbag inflation

    I would pull the solenoid to deflate the bag. Get it to seat right again then reinstall the solenoid and air it up.
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    Temp fix for blend door? Push the grey arm the opposite direction of this article for cold air.
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    Help!! I'm freezing my tush off
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    air shocks o-rings
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    Eng cover

    '97s came with a small cover over the alternator
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    Abs wheel speed sensor

    I've never had a problem removing them with just my hands. There's only one bolt.
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    Really need a rear window seal

    The rear window gasket is bonded to the rear glass. If you want a new gasket, you need to get a new window.
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    I've had mine for 5 years without problems and I use the auto headlamp feature too. Maybe you should take advantage of their lifetime warranty?
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    But it either turns on, or it doesn't. I don't see the additional cost being worth it.
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    My 35w DDM kit is way brighter than the stock bulbs were.
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    What are the differences between the Morimoto kit and a DDM kit?
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    Meh. Cheap kit or expensive kit, it either works or it doesn't. The DDM tuning kit sells for $30 with a lifetime warranty.
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    Radio Amplifier

    There are no shortcuts, it's very straight foreward.
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    95 Mark VIII Radio Amp

    I doubt you could get to it by just reaching in. It's all the way at the back of the trunk, which is pretty deep.
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    Wow price seems high. But at least you got it done. Now you can sell your good stock HID bulb to make some of that money back.
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    95 Mark VIII Radio Amp

    Replacing the stock amp with another stock amp? You pull the black tray down in the trunk and unplug 3 connectors on the amp. Then do the reverse to install a new one.
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    Drive shaft on 97 Mark VIII

    This thread talks about the differences and has a photo.
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    Considering lowered coils

    I wouldn't lower it any. It looks really good where it's at now. You're not going to get a smoother ride by lowering it either.