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    98 Mark basic "STUFF"

    Leather or even cloth reupolstery can be very expensive; it's labor intensive, especially when it has to be custom manufactured. I had it done on my 928, well over a grand for both front seats. You'll pay for quality work. Compare your costs to exotics, not the Ford Escort seat covers you get...
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    Okay, anyone using the spare tire well of the late mkviii for a tool box?

    Had my second flat go beyond repair, and going through the nonsensical mount the space saver to the front tire, and move the front tire to the back ridiculousness. I will order a real wheel and spare, and relegate the donut to the garage shelf. But then have the hole where that little spare...
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    Air Suspension Mistery

    I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I converted to coils a few months after buiying my Mk VIII back in 2015. The difference in performance under 100 MPH is negligible, as is the MPG from my experiments. I understand why Ford did whatever it could to increase MPG back in the 1990's due to...
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    steering wheel telescopic function stuck

    Unfortunately, the default seems to be, is to have them 'on', so whenever I pull the battery or remove the connection to save the battery for long periods of not driving the car, as soon as I reattach the battery, the friggin' computer thinks, 'Wow, I'm awake, I can move everything on my own...
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    400 whp with turbo for $3945, including the price of buying the Lincoln Mark VIII !

    As they got the '93 up to 181mph at Bonneville after removing the software speed limiter, and with just STOCK parts, l just don't get the need for more power on these cars. Oh well...... another engine blown.
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    Replaced my EVAP tray today...

    Anyone know what type of bolts are used to hold the tray up towards the front? For some reason, mine fell out. I don't want to accidentally cross thread anything by using the wrong bolt.
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    Are the earlier mk viii steering wheels compatible with the 1998 cars?

    I have an ivory color 98, was looking at an ivory color wheel. The top of my steering wheel is damaged from the sun.
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    Are the earlier mk viii steering wheels compatible with the 1998 cars?

    The leather on the very top of my '98 steering wheel is drying out. Wondering what my options are. If the wheel fits, but the airbag is different, is that compatible?
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    K&N Panel Air Filter vs Paper Air Filter Vs Cone (Cold Air)

    Seeing as they were able to run the factory setup of the Mk8 up to 180mph at Bonneville, the paper filter is probably just fine. I never quite understood tweaking an already performance setup just in order to pick up a couple of tenths at a drag strip.... especially with an overweight luxury...
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    Looking for 1997 Mark 8 headlights and taillights

    I spot NOS items on ebay regularly, though they are expensive. If you just want 'clear' headlights, perhaps use a headlight refurbishing kit, such as 3M's, which I used with clear topcoat, to make my headlights 'like new'. The last front passenger headlight was listed on ebay only a couple of...
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    Mark VIII front clip

    I would be concerned about the loss of low beam lighting in the gen 1 vs the HID's in gen 2. IIRC, the gen 1's low beams were terrible. Maybe LED bulbs could improve that, I don't know. It's one reason why I only considered the gen 2 cars when looking for one, I wound up with a 1998 mark. Still...
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    What commercially available ramps work well with fitting under the front of our MK8's?

    I used to have a set of 'race ramps' but gave them away when I moved. Now they cost $260. So I'm wondering if there is a different brand which will work, that I DON"T have to adjust with additional boards, that will function as is to raise the front end of the car so I can do routine maintenance.
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    how to: Direct simple plug in replacement radio?

    I went with a Pioneer double din unit which I chose for the ability to just plug in a USB drive, instead of CD's or anything else, like streaming from my phone via bluetooth and killing my phone battery. I have my entire usable music collection on a single 256GB thumbdrive, so that ought to be...
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    how to: Direct simple plug in replacement radio?

    Of course, it tells me they're out of stock! Oh well, I checked the 'notify me' box, and will see what happens, in the meantime, I'd shop other units to see what's available, but 12 out of 14 they have listed as fitting our cars, are all listed as 'out of stock, unknown availability'. I haven't...
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    how to: Direct simple plug in replacement radio?

    Very good. Looks like it's just come out of the factory! Sounds like just what I'm looking for, as I can't kneel on anything anymore, so whatever has to be done, I have to do it sitting on the seats. What brand and model is that? Also, I see additional what appear to be USB ports; do those go...
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    Please Help. 1998 Lincoln Mark Viii lowbeam conversion

    There's this: Race Sport Headlight Conversion Kit for 1995-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII - wm | eBay
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    For Sale Lincoln Mark VIII parts

    Ivory driver side seat control cover still available?
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    Windshield washer

    Never had this problem, so I can't comment on it. However. I don't use facebook, don't go there daily, because I didn't want the constant emails and notifications about joining farmville, or every single notice when some 'friend' is taking a piss. Not to mention, all the people who want to be...
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    Survey what oil do you run?

    I've been running Mobil 1 now since the late 70's, currently using 10W-30 in everything, now that I'm in Arizona. Used to use 5W-30 in NJ. I change the oil every 10K miles, or yearly, whichever comes first. Current cars, 98 Mk8, 2008 Expedition, and 1992 Cherokee don't leak, or burn any oil on...
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    How much will mark VIII be worth?

    Looks like I touched a nerve. First, I'm not your 'buddy'. Second, the 1987 928 S4 ran 172mph five years earlier at Bonneville, the same configuration as the Mark VIII. Third, the '93 Mark ran 182 mph. NOT 200 mph. Doesn't matter what 'badge' you put on a car, it's obvious what it is, to any...