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    For Sale New in box

    1 upper and 1 lower blend door actuator never used still in box. 45.oo obo for both plus shipping from indiana.
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    For Sale Like new

    1 excellent condition used 2000 to 2002 Lincoln ls front strut and spring 130.00 obo plus shipping from Indiana
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    For Sale Having to say Goodbye

    I have a 01 lincoln ls v8 174000 good shape body and interior. Just did a complete cooling system rebuild and have gone thru the engine now needs new exhaust, wife says you are done. So I am selling the whole car so someone can part it or use the parts. I can take pics if you want really has to...
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    Frustrated urgent

    Any other ideas other than the catalytic converter
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    Frustrated urgent

    I mean no problem like this before
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    Frustrated urgent

    No other problems at all ran excellent this morning
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    Frustrated urgent

    01 ls v8 ran fine this morning this afternoon started then died engine smooth under hood exhaust loud blows white smoke when gas applied when goes to idle chugs and black smoke from drop battery light on and dies please help catalytic converter?
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    For Sale 01 ls v8

    Have a 01 ls v8 silver 170000 new upper timing tensioners all new gaskets and hoses just completed all new cooling system rebuild. Interior in good shape small tear drivers seat. Runs good Needs driver front shock and spring have Newparts in trunk asking 4000.00 will post pics.
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    Complete cooling system rebuild done

    Fuses good but replaced any way. Still no high beam or marker light bulbs new
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    Also ignition key wont come out of cylinder lol
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    New clamp came with hose very frustrated
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    New clamp came with hose
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    Just completed the complete cooling system rebuild. All hoses new aluminum t stat housing new dccv new aux water pump new water pump now the drivers side hose connected to the thermostat housing is starting to slip off, bled system completely yesterday and drove it. HELP
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    Complete cooling system rebuild done

    Just completed the rebuild alright next issue replaced driver's side headlight harness now only have headlight no bright or marker any ideas?
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    2001 ls v8 wheel well trim

    Have some pitting on front fender wheel wells both sides looking for gray or silver trim to do all 4 wheel wells that's fairly wide but slim profile. Thanks
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    Complete cooling system rebuild

    2001 ls v8 replaced thermostat and housing with jag alum also water pump and hoses need part numbers for dccv and aux fuel pump please not sure which to choose. Thanks
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    Any one near south bend Indiana nappanee here
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    Help with coolant

    Here is the old and new water pumps
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    Help with coolant

    Here you go