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    Rear Air Spring Conversion . . bypass questions

    Spring conversion in hand, and I have instructions to bypass the air suspension when the air bags are replaced with coils (rear) Will the steering change? Will I still be able to select the different steering modes (Light, normal, heavy)? 2000 Continental
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    Rear randomly leaks down overnight... 00 conti

    Thanks for the spring recommendation Was your leak on both sides? Thats what I don't understand, why both sides are leaking down and not just one . .
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    Rear randomly leaks down overnight... 00 conti

    Hi, randomly my 00 conti leaks down over night a few days its fine and then it will have leaked the air out. very random I'd assume its the air bags, or should their be any concern over the solenoid that attaches to the inlet of the air bags? Please give me some tips on troubleshooting Most...