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    Hydraulic Fan Pump Actuator in Detail Failure

    Well.... I've answered my own question. I screwed the center PIN down blocking flow through the actuator. The cooling fan now works. Like really well... like all the time... It's really LOUD and unbearable at road speeds. I imagine I will burn up the fan if I leave it like this. The thing...
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    Hydraulic Fan Pump Actuator in Detail Failure

    joegr I do not believe so. The removable center pin has a hole through the entire length. The moving part of the actuator blocks flow through the center pin using an electromagnet to push a cone shaped rod tip into the center hole of the removable PIN so no fluid can move. Removing the PIN would...
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    Hydraulic Fan Pump Actuator in Detail Failure

    So I have removed this actuator and taken it apart just as indicated in post #1 above and cleaned the insides. I can now hear the piston rattling back and forth but applying 13.x volts from a DC bench power supply gets me no movement. Also measuring with my handheld DMM I get something...
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    New sway bar bushings

    I just finished doing my 2001 sport with the Energy Poly bushings and Moog end links. I as well had the ungodly knocks rolling over almost everything (rocks, twigs, squirrels) under 30-40mph and the knocking was getting louder. I am so relieved to find this forum. I had some time left over...