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  1. papa bear

    Maaco Success! WITH PICS WOOHOO!

    I have had 15+ cars painted by maaco and for $200 its well worth it,thats if you do your own body work.if you want perfection then stay away from macco and find a high dollar shop.
  2. papa bear

    Age of mark viii owners. **POLL**

    30 years old here.
  3. papa bear

    ?? Day at the Track Spring Midwest Meet ??? let's Discuss??

    I will be getting mine ready this weekend.Can't wait
  4. papa bear

    4.10's and new driveshaft.

    At least your a expert now at pulling your trans:) .Do you even have the energy or will to do it again.
  5. papa bear

    The things you'll see continued!!!

    Well he might have a new crate motor and trans along with goodies for his mark in that trailer and thought he drive it one last time on his old stuff,nah.
  6. papa bear

    Saw a Mark VIII tonight

    That car needs alot of help now that the snow is off of it and i can see it.Its still there
  7. papa bear

    Saw a Mark VIII tonight

    Saw a sweet 96 red lsc mark viii with aftermarket rims,they were black centers with a chrome lip and were like 18 inch rims pull in to Budget muffler n brake in Addison over the weekend.
  8. papa bear

    How's your mark Vlll doing this winter

    I made it threw winter and finally retired my mark to a toy car this week.i did one oil change and kept the fluilds top and drove it.,its a little late but i got my winter beater so the mark can rest and race.
  9. papa bear

    The Mark Being Featured in a Magazine

    Cool.I have seen this build online and it is very impressive,congrats on the fine work.
  10. papa bear

    EGR help

    First try cleaning your iac valve ,its by the throttle body,yap the two nuts off and clean it with carb cleaner,for the egr ,you can clean it too and see if it is still moving,pull vacuum and see if the diaphram is working and if it is squeaking try getting a little shot of pb blaster to free it up
  11. papa bear

    ?? Day at the Track Spring Midwest Meet ??? let's Discuss??

    :) I'm ready to race,this is going to be fun and is well worth a set of new tires after i burn them off at the track,ok just one tire ,one wheel peel here:)
  12. papa bear

    RIP Raymond Joseph Urso II - AKA 1WykdMK8

    Sorry to hear that we all lost a great friend to lvc,may he rest in peace.This is the worse news to come back to after not being able to chat on lvc for some time due to being swamped at work.So sad to hear
  13. papa bear

    Grill and Trim Questions

    Dont remove anything just paint the pieces on your car,just mask around them,i did my whole car with out removing one piece,its about a 3 hour job to paint all your chrome ,3m scuff the door,bumper trim and the grill because these are plastic then hit them with primer and paint,for the metal...
  14. papa bear

    I need some help

    Jack from the rear rocker area on the brace then work your way to the front,this should help
  15. papa bear

    1956 Cadillac 365 V8

    Have pics
  16. papa bear

    Need help on price

    $2500 to repair and over $7000 for the car if not more,man that was a nice car,
  17. papa bear

    Chicago area BLEND DOOR

    Are you using a 3/8 rachet to remove the screws,grab a 1/4 inch with a wobble extension and the size you need should be a 8 or 10mm socket,just be patient and you should get it out
  18. papa bear

    New Mark VIII spoiler!!!

    Mad Max Beyond the Mark viii Thunder Dome
  19. papa bear

    I want to shave my door handles

    I think because our cars are turning into plastic that most of them will have to be glued together by that adhesive,i think our mark viii hoods are held together with the same adhesive.
  20. papa bear


    Check fuses,brake switch,and your multi function switch.pull a light out in back and see if any power is coming off the wires with a test light.